6 Storybook Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes have an interesting history, dating back as far as ancient Rome, where marriages were solidified by the groom smashing barley cake over his bride's head. And an early British recipe for "Bride's Pye" included ingredients like lamb testicles and oysters. However as sugar became more plentiful in England in the 16th century, the tradition graduated to using very refined sugar to create pure white icing to symbolize not only the bride's purity but the families' affluence as well.

Today, wedding cakes are far more personal, and often symbolize a couple's interests and passions beyond one another. For those that love a good story, we found some literary inspired wedding cakes that will make you want to tell your own love story through a literary inspired cake. Cake out some of these fun finds!

1. Twilight


2. The Hunger Games

Sweet Element Cakes

3.The Hobbit


4. Alice in Wonderland

Sadie May Cakes

5. Harry Potter

BG Productions/Sweet Talks Cakes

6. The Great Gatsby

Nom Nom Sweeties

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