6 Christmas Cookie Plates for Santa (Slideshow)

Help Santa get his snack on in style!

Vintage Santa

Santa himself looks good enough to eat. We think with this vintage plate you will more than flatter the merrymaker come Christmas Eve.

Available via Etsy, $6

Cutie Cookie Plate

Hand-painted and perfectly festive, this plate will make a great Christmas kitchen decoration until Christmas Eve when it is time to feed Santa his favorite treats!

Available via Etsy, $14.95

DIY Decal

Already have a perfect plate for Santa? Add a personal touch and glam it up with these cookie plate decals. They are customizable and waterproof so you can actually use it for Santa.

Available via Etsy, $5

Cookies and Milk

While cookies are always a great treat, Santa won’t be happy if there isn't any milk to wash them down with! This handmade piece may vary in style, but Santa will love it no matter what (and you will, too!).

Available via Etsy, $20

Ultimate Cookie Plates

Not only will Santa love your message, but he will appreciate your thoughtfulness for his reindeer, too! Be sure to put out tasty, healthy treats for them and any other holiday grazers that walk by the plate. 

Available via Etsy, $72

Santa’s ‘Stache

For hipster parents everywhere, we found the perfect cookie plate for you! Check out this hilarious note to Santa that will surely make him chuckle while he snacks!

Available via Etsy, $20