50 Best Wedding Cake Bakeries In America (Slideshow)

50. Ana Paz Cakes, Miami

Owner Ana Paz, 62, has been creating cakes in Miami for over three decades. Like a fine wine, Ana Paz Cakes have only perfected over time, with multitudes of celebrity and returning clients at their family-owned bakery. From wedding planning assistance to everyday occasion cakes, Paz does it all. As for the wedding cakes, Paz's traditional style has a touch of whimsy to it. Her custom-made cakes, however, are towering confections with intricate details and limitless imagination. 

49. The Cake Lady Bakery, Sioux Falls, North Dakota

When The Cake Lady Bakery is in the kitchen, you know that only the most beautiful, delicious cakes are going to come out of the oven. While this small-town bakery in rural America may have the rustic, traditional charm you're looking for, that doesn't mean they don't know how to keep it current. Up on the latest wedding cake trends (like the "naked" cake) and capable of sculpting anything, this bakery can create extraordinary cakes to fit any couple. 

48. Gia’s Cakes, Birmingham, Alabama

Fresh, crisp, and rustic are three words that begin to describe how Gia's Cakes perfects the wedding cake. With innovative ingredients like rose water and cardamom, their cakes have a unique taste and style that is perfect for any couple. Aside from their sculpted cakes, Gia's has the ability to inject romance into a confection with over-the-top elegance and painstaking detail.

47. Irene’s Cakes by Design, Ludlow, Vermont

Featured in a plethora of magazines, Irene's Cakes by Design are cutting-edge in terms of bold style. Her contemporary cakes are the embodiment of what it means to pay attention to the details. Each cake is distinctly different and artfully complements the couple's personal style. This culinary school graduate and French bakery master offers decadent unique flavors, promising four cake layers and three filling flavors in each tier such as lemon poppy seed and unique hazelnut combinations. 

46. Ashley Bakery, Charleston, South Carolina

Since 1988, this South Carolina bakery has been creating award-winning cakes that compel couples to fall in love all over again. With classic style and meticulous detail, this bakery accomplishes ethereal looking cakes. And from classic flavors like white vanilla to quirky ones like banana chocolate chip, every couple can find a flavor that represents both of their unique tastes!

45. The Cake Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska

Big, bright, and never boring, these diverse and multidimensional wedding cakes are marvelous to behold. The Cake Gallery has been in business for 40 years, and has 17 artisans who can perfect any style wedding cake. Not only will your bridal confection look great, it will taste exceptional. After all, you have 31 cake flavors and 36 flavored fillings to choose from. 

44. The West Side Bakery, Akron, Ohio

One look at The West Side Bakery's wedding cake gallery, and you'll be wondering how cakes that beautiful could ever be real. Though capable of creating unique and contemporary confections, their artistry really lies in their elegant, classic cakes. Since 1995, this bakery has earned several accolades on the local and national level. Chocolate cake lovers should pay extra attention to this bakery, as they happen to be the proud winners of Akron's Best Bakery, Best Dessert, and Best Chocolate Cake honors!

43. Sugar Kneads Cakery, Loganville, Georgia

Sure, Sugar Kneads Cakery can bake you a cake (and a gorgeous one at that) for any occasion, but their wedding cakes are worthy of a little extra praise. After all, they've created an array of cakes that range from classic blush quilted designs to wacky topsy-turvy layered cakes. When it comes to flavors, they are no strangers to variety in that department either. Enjoy an almond Amaretto cake, devil's food marble cake, or a variety of specialty flavors to truly customize your special day. 

42. Anticipated Creations Cakes, Joplin, Montana

This small bakery from a small town certainly doesn't have a small imagination. With delicate and diverse style, Anticipated Creations Cakes manage to go beyond any expectations. With rave reviews and delicious options, this bakery produces magical wedding cakes that will sweep you and your guests off of your respective feet!

41. That Special Touch Cakes and Flowers, Pearl, Mississippi

With decadent flavors and an eye for beauty, That Special Touch Cakes and Flowers is a wedding vendor that knows what its customers want. Though they are particularly skilled at the more classic wedding cake, their style of elegance and whimsy is best admired in their multi-tiered wedding cakes.

40. Delicious Cakes, Addison, Texas

A bakery that lives up to its name, Delicious Cakes is a Texan couple's dream vendor for their sweet bridal treat. Not only have they been baking big, beautiful cakes for over 25 years, they are also quite adept at creating stunning groom's cakes as well. Enjoy a pink champagne cake, Mexican chocolate cake, or a raspberry liqueur cake for unique stand-out flavors that will wow your guests. 

39. Celebrity Cake Studio, Tacoma, Washington

With Celebrity Cake Studio, you will totally feel like a spoiled star on your wedding day. You'll not only get a gorgeous, intricately design wedding cake, you'll get to choose from an array of decadent flavors and fillings. These third-generation family bakers have been creating cakes all their lives, and are best known for their flavorful red velvet cake. While all their sculpted cakes are wondrous, their wedding cakes in particular seem to perfectly capture every client's personal tastes both in flavor and in style!

38. Dawn’s Couture Cakes, Ottumwa, Iowa

"Couture" doesn't quite cover the level of grandeur at Dawn's Couture Cakes. With jaw-dropping beauty and gourmet flavor, these native Iowa cakes completely capture the romantic vibe of any couple's wedding day. Her helpful reputation is only slightly overshadowed by her incredible flavor options. And if you're looking for a truly unique wedding cake experience, try incorporating their gourmet cupcakes into your special day. You and your guests will not be sorry. 

37. Palermo’s Bakery, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

This traditional Italian bakery began over 25 years ago as a small wholesale bakery that delivered to catering companies and local restaurants. Today, they create custom-designed cakes that amaze and delight their clients. There is nothing that this bakery does on a small scale. Each cake is a grand and glorious structure that has a distinct signature look about it. We love how each confection is artfully crafted and appreciate their ability to bring each design to life.

36. Gourmet Bake Shoppe, Virginia Beach, Virginia

It isn't every day that you find a bakery that can create a cake that is as delicious as it is gorgeous. Yet Gourmet Cake Shoppe in Virginia Beach can. This bakery is perfect for the modern couple that is looking to push the envelope of cake design with their sleek structures and unique flavors. Where else can you get a mango cake that looks like the bottom of a wedding dress?

35. Rick’s Bakery, Fayetteville, Arkansas

This local bakery not only provides Northwest Arkansas patrons with daily delicious pastries, it is a hideaway sweet haven for couples looking to get married. With a multitude of bridal packages, this bakery can accommodate budget without sacrificing beauty. This bakery is especially perfect for a couple that appreciates traditional wedding cakes and is simply looking for a delicious wedding-day dessert. 

34. Let Them Eat Cake, Kennebunk, Maine

Named one of the "Top 100 Cake Designers" plus several other accolades, you can trust us when we say that Let Them Eat Cake is a must-go destination for wedding cakes. Speaking of destinations, this gourmet bakery specializes in location weddings. If you're looking for a beach-themed wedding, this bakery will exceed your design expectations with their seashore designs. The fondant seashells are so lifelike, your guests may be hesitant to eat them.

33. DeClare Cakes, Charleston, South Carolina

Another South Carolina bakery literally takes the cake when it comes to weddings. DeClare Cakes' owner, chef Deb Reed, has a personal passion for cakes that began shortly after her own wedding when her mother-in-law taught her how to bake her first "scratch" cake. From there her skills were refined (she earned her official Baking and Pastry certificate) and went on to create a flawless cake shop. Her vintage-style wedding cake designs are enough to convince you that she is the real deal, each one accented uniquely to a bride's exact specifications. 

32. Haute So Sweet, New York, New York

There is nothing ordinary about this exquisite bakery. Haute So Sweet somehow manages to create intricately designed cakes without sacrificing a crumb of flavor. Their style is utterly couture — a cutting-edge artistic approach to the timeless wedding cake tradition. They aren't afraid to experiment with new trends and flawlessly showcase their innovative talent in each cake they create. 

31. Fiona’s Cakes, Severna Park, Maryland

Fiona's Cakes are simply beautiful. They consistently create timeless cake designs for couples who love a little tradition. While they don't showcase a plethora of variety in their designs, they do offer an impressively diverse flavor menu that will entice couples looking to marry during any season. Fiona's offers seasonal varieties like pumpkin for fall lovers and orange for warm-weather-bound newlyweds. 

30. Edda’s Cake Designs, Miami, Florida

If you are looking for a master decorator, look no further thank Edda's Cake Designs. Not only do they wield fondant like professional sculptors, they aren't afraid to show off what they can do with the less pliable (but more delicious) buttercream frosting. Since 1978 this bakery has been producing remarkable confections while staying hot on the trail of the latest trends for the modern couple. 

29. Sweet Confections, Barboursville, West Virginia

If a couple is concerned about having options, they need look no further than Sweet Confections. With over 100 cake flavors available, we are positive that this bakery can accommodate anyone's tastes. In addition to tasty options, they have a variety of styles for every kind of couple, making choosing a cake rather difficult.

28. Carrie’s Cakes, Sandy, Utah

One look at Carrie's Cakes and you'll be picking your jaw up off of the floor. Built on the philosophy that a wedding cake is reflective of your personal style, this bakery's artists do all that they can to create a magical confection that makes a statement about their clients. With a solid sample of cake flavors and an impressive cake gallery to boot, this local bakery has everything you need for an extra special day.

27. Buttercream Cakes and Desserts, Stillwater, Minnesota

By focusing so much on the importance of the appearance of a wedding cake, sometimes we forget how important it is for the cake to actually taste good. This concept is nothing that Buttercream Cakes and Desserts overlooks. The fact that their cakes are drop-dead gorgeous is really just a bonus. This bakery manages to create gorgeous cakes without using fondant, a skill that was honed throughyears of experience. With a clean, sleek style and tasty confections to boot, this Minnesota bakery is every soon-to-be newlywed's dream come true!  

26. Sweet Art Bakery, McKinney, Texas

Since 2007, Sweet Art Bakery has been living up to its name, making true art out of its bridal sweets. With gourmet flavors and couture designs, Sweet Art Bakery creates dreamy wedding cakes for every couple. Their style is primarily traditional with a touch of whimsy, but when put to the test they can also bake an intricately sculpted cake. 

25. Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe, Louisville, Kentucky

A local hot spot, Sweet Surrender is known for creating quality cakes that are beyond beautiful. While their wedding cakes are the crown jewel of their bakery, the groom's cakes are equally as divine. Full of luscious flavor and made with impeccable design, Sweet Surrender can also create a dream dessert bar to really give sweet-loving newlyweds something to get excited about.

24. Confection Perfection, Marietta, Georgia

Over 16 years ago, this sweet Southern bakery began creating cakes that were truly a unique experience. Not only were they flavorful and available in a vast variety of flavors, they were remarkably beautiful. Over two decades later, their reputation for quality and consistency has been constantly reaffirmed, as evidenced by their multitude of happy clients and award-winning confections. With fresh, floral, and astounding design, each cake is uniquely its own. 

23. SugarBakers Cakes, Catonsville, Maryland

With each cake customized for every couple's special day, SugarBakers Cakes are distinct for more than just their dashing good looks. Open since 1996, this bakery has a passion for flavor as well. Though they can certainly create a traditional multi-tiered wedding cake, they are not afraid to take creative risks and thusly have beautiful sculpture cakes that will make anyone's event stand out just a little more.

22. The Ambrosia Bakery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Ambrosia Bakery may be a traditional Southern family-owned bakery, but they are anything but normal. The elaborate cakes they create are consistently unique and special to each couple that walks through their doors. With innovative designs and an unbelievable attention to detail, The Ambrosia Bakery is able to bake a wedding cake that will exceed expectations. 

21. Cakes by Stephanie, Monroe, Michigan

A full-service bakery, Cakes by Stephanie in Monroe Michigan knows a thing or two about thinking big for their clients' wedding cakes. In fact, many of their bridal designs are towering works of culinary art, each layer filled with a delicious and unforgettable flavored cake. Their truly romantic style and fearless approach to design make them a top pick as a premier wedding cake vendor. 

20. Tinker’s Cake Shop, Lexington, Kentucky

This Kentucky bakery knows a thing or two about love and baking. Cameron and Tracie, the owners and cake designers of Tinker's Cake Shop, fell in love in the kitchen and went on to make wedding cakes that would be recognized throughout their state and the country. These wedding cakes are big and beautiful in every way, and there's no detail or morsel that isn't expertly crafted into a spectacular confection. 

19. Classic Cakes, Indianapolis, Indiana

Though they may be named Classic Cakes, they aren't to be labeled as overly traditional. Quite the contrary in fact — these cakes are fun, funky, and perfect for the modern couple. Your average three-tier wedding cake is anything but with Classic Cakes, each confection taken to the next level with custom designs and unique style. 

18. Simply Cakes, Cary, North Carolina

Standard is not an option at Simply Cakes. And we aren't just talking about their inventive designs. Even something like a chocolate cake option is deceptively simple, as it is guaranteed to be filled with intriguing, complex, and quality flavors. Southern classics like sweet potato are available, as well as a variety of intriguing fillings such as gold beer and Bavarian cream. 

17. Incredible Edibles Bakery, Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you are looking for a bakery that truly values the tradition and significance of the wedding cake, look no further than Incredible Edibles Bakery in Virginia Beach. This bakery completely appreciates the fact that the cake-cutting is a highlight of the event, and puts extra care into cake construction knowing this. 

16. Gimme Some Sugar, Las Vegas, Nevada

After a magical trip to Disney, two best friends were inspired to create Gimme Some Sugar, and a magical, sweet journey began. Located in Las Vegas, this hot bakery is known for their sculpted birthday cakes for celebrities, but their wedding selection is just as awe–inspiring. They pride themselves on having done just about every themed cake one can think of, but also on their deluxe flavoring options like Butterfinger and mocha crunch. 

15. Chickadee Hill Cakes, Sandown, New Hampshire

Specializing in what they define as "edible art" Chickadee Hill Cakes has the extraordinary talent of bringing a couples' vision to life. Their style is flawless no matter what kind of cake they are creating. Each cake is elegant, concise, and meticulously designed to evoke a very specific emotion, and often accomplishes that in each cake designed. 

14. Bredenbeck’s Bakery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nestled in the heart of Chestnut Hill, Bredenbeck's Bakery has been serving newlyweds since 1889. Though they can certainly customize your cake to fit your theme and color scheme, their artistry really shines in their traditional wedding cake styles. Each of those cakes have an elegance about them that really make the bridal confection a truly romantic piece.

13. Jacques Fine European Pastries, Suncook, New Hampshire

Though Jacques Fine European Pastries opened their doors officially in 1973, Jacques had been a lover of culinary arts since he was a teenager. Since then, he has built an empire on the backs of his extraordinary cakes with a bold, unapologetic style that make each cake a unique visual experience. Being able to accommodate any style is one of this bakery's trademark qualities and the flavors are just as indulgent as their aesthetic.   

12. Konditor Meister, Braintree, Massachusetts

Konditor Meister, which translates to "confectionary chef," is result of a life led with passion for food by Günther Mösinger. From a young age, he was fascinated by confections and began studying to be a Konditor Meister at the tender age of 14. He made  his way to the Boston area in 1981 working at The Ritz and by 1985 managed to open his first bakery that stands today as one of the best bakeries in the area. His wedding cakes are all grand structures that are as beautiful as they are delicious. 

11. Greg Marsh Designer Cakes, Eagle, Idaho

Known around town as one of the premier chocolatiers, Greg Marsh Designer Cakes is no stranger to decadent flavor. Their signature flavor catalogues are evident in every cake they bake, and what is even better is their traditional take on the wedding cake style. While they do offer fairly familiar designs, they use amazing accents to really set their cakes apart and make sure that each dessert is perfect for every single couple. 

10. Cakes by Susan, Cheyenne, Wyoming

When you look at a sculpted cake from Cakes by Susan, you'll do a double take to make sure that you're actually looking at a cake. Yes, they are that convincing. Her style is distinct and flawless, with sharp designer edges that can really make a concept come to life. 

9. City Sweets and Confections, New York, New York

If we had to choose one word to summarize City Sweets and Confections, we'd have to use "glamorous." Each cake is a stunning work of art that shimmers (literally) with impeccable design. Enhanced by their extensive flavor catalog, their cakes are all glorious structures that really put a wow in the wedding. They even take care to use a high-quality fondant that is imported from Switzerland so you won't have to worry about sacrificing taste for style. 

8. Sugar Coated, Brooklyn, New York

Inspired by a true love of food (and for her pastry chef husband Giovanni) owner Marisa Bove began Sugar Coated as a way to give true, tasty joy to the world around her. And boy, did she ever! Brides all over Brooklyn rejoice on their wedding days when they go with this premier baker. With a whole lot of style and a touch of pizazz, Sugar Coated creates gorgeous cakes that are wow-worthy for any style couple. 

7. Maxie B, Greensboro, North Carolina

With recipes hailing from traditional Southern kitchens, Maxie B's wedding cakes are like rich slices of heaven in confectionary form. With bold flavors and rustic designs, her wedding cakes are artful pieces that can deliver on any level of expectation. We are particularly fond of the sweet and sentimental style that this bakery has, and love the fact that each cake flavor is completely indulgent for a couple's special day. 

6. cakelava, Kailua, Hawaii

Rick and Sasha Reichart are two of the most passionate bakery owners and designers in the industry, and that dedication shines through every cake they bake. Their sculpted cakes are so beautiful that they belong in a museum, not to mention their intense dedication to flavor is almost unmatchable. With a touch of whimsy and a ton of vision, cakelava can make your bridal cake a memorable one. 

5. Whipped Bakeshop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Owner and founder Zoë Lukas was an artist by trade first, but a life-long food lover above all else. When she combined her passion for both in 2009 with Whipped Bakeshop, brides and grooms of Philadelphia rejoiced. Not only are her wedding cakes astoundingly detailed, she hosts a catalog of decadent flavors and fillings to satisfy any couple's taste in the gustatory and visual sense. 

4. Mike’s Amazing Cakes, Redmond, Washington

At Mike's Amazing Cakes, you are never going to see anything short of its namesake. He has two guiding principles when it comes to his cake artistry: "the concept being presented should be as accurate and true to life or as animated as possible and should have as unique a perspective as can be conjured up." One look at his cakes and you'll know those are values the bakery lives and dies by. Be it design or flavor, the sky's the limit when it comes to choosing a cake from this bakery.

3. Freed’s Bakery, Las Vegas, Nevada

Since 1959, Freed's Bakery has been creating cakes for every kind of bride there is. Be it a couple on a budget or a wild theme-loving duo, Freed's will (and most likely has already) create the cake of your dreams. A family-owned bakery, Freed's doesn't shy away from any challenge, creating elegant cakes that proudly represent the couple in question. Each from-scratch flavor is created with love and meticulous dedication and can be worked into any cake you can dream up.

2. Creative Cakes, Tinley Park, Illinois

When it comes to crafting an exquisite cake, Creative Cakes is always up for a challenge. Through a thorough creative process, this bakery will walk a couple through a myriad of flavor and design options to customize a cake that is perfect for them. Famous for their buttercream icing, this family-owned bakery uses fresh, natural ingredients to create a flavorful confection that will wow your guests in every way.

1. Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, New York, New York

They don't call him the "S-veet (Sweet) Genius" for nothing! You may know this passionate baker from his Food Network cut-throat baking show Sweet Genius, but you may not know that this tough-loving baker is a total softy when it comes to his love of culinary arts. Growing up fascinated by his mother's skills in the kitchen, Ron Ben-Israel's path to confection perfection was one fueled by passion and sincerity. Today, he makes some of the most delicious and elaborate cakes out there, every detail building toward a grander, bigger picture.