5 Worst Foods For Bearded Men During No-Shave November (Slideshow)

Though the beard may be stylish and for a good cause, it does not come without consequences. Yes, we are talking about just how dirty facial hair can be, and one of the main culprits of messy beards is food. The masses may love classic foods like burritos and soups, but for those with a beard, these dishes are one major danger after another. 

Burritos and Gyros

Dripping salsa and tzatziki sauce, wet lettuce, small-diced onions, rice, and loose meat make pita- and tortilla-based foods particularly hazardous.

Corn on the Cob

Loose kernels. Dripping, melted butter. Juicy small bits of vegetable that explode with every bite. We don't think we need to say any more on this one.

Sandwiches With Lots of Condiments

Most people love a little extra mayo on their burger or artisanal mustard on their ham and cheese sandwich. But when these condiments are oozing off the bread, the nearest place for them to land is right on your face (and that's where the beard goes).


Melted marshmallows are a sticky, gooey mess for everyone, but once you throw those suckers between two graham crackers with a melted chocolate bar... Let's just say, good luck getting that out of your facial hair.


There may be few foods more satisfying than warm, comforting soups, but for those with beards, eating broth and noodles can be less than enjoyable. Liquids can drip from a spoon to your beard too easily, and just forget about slurping.