5 Tips For Busy Moms With Busy Kids This Back-To-School Season Slideshow

As the back-to-school season approaches, use Emily Wilson’s tips and recipes for busy moms

Prep Ahead

Wilson’s first tip advises you to get organized. For each recipe you intend to prepare, prepare ingredients earlier in the day, or while you are prepping dinner the night before. Wilson specifically suggests wrapping chopped herbs or aromatics in damp paper towels in an airtight container, and then refrigerating them.

Recipe Suggestion: Low Guilt, High-Flavor http://www.cookingplanit.com/meal/low-guilt-high-flavor

Freeze It

Because so many recipes freeze well and defrost in minutes, consider turning to the freezer to provide fast and flavorful dinner solutions. Wilson dishes on her favorite frozen meal. "Soup is my favorite because it can make a meal all on its own," she says.

Recipe Suggestion: Chicken Tortilla Soup http://www.cookingplanit.com/recipe/chicken-tortilla-soup

Opt for Seafood

Making fish at home shouldn’t be intimidating but rather, time-saving! Fish and shrimp cook quickly and have unique health benefits compared to chicken or red meat, and might be a nice alternative to what you usually cook in the kitchen.  

Recipe Suggestions:

Meal: Creamy Shrimp and Pasta http://www.cookingplanit.com/meal/creamy-shrimp-and-pasta

Meal: Steak House Salmon http://www.cookingplanit.com/meal/steak-house-salmon

Hide Veggies

Kid's might not exactly dig into a big pile of greens, but you can surely sneak in broccoli or other vegetables into a delicious recipe! With so much flavor and deliciousness, your kids will never realize how much healthy foods they are eating, too.  

Recipe Suggestion: Stir the Pot http://www.cookingplanit.com/meal/stir-the-pot

Keep It Interesting

It's easy to get into a dinnertime rut, making the same five or six relied-upon recipes over and over again, especially when you have little time to try something new.  To keep kids running to the table when you shout out "Dinner time!" do so by surprising them with new recipes. 

Recipe Suggestions:

Meal: Good and Tasty http://www.cookingplanit.com/meal/good-and-tasty

Meal: Far East Fusion http://www.cookingplanit.com/meal/far-east-fusion