5 Tequila-Filled Cocktails To Kick Off Your Weekend

Tequila sets the beat for summer cocktails. With National Tequila Day here, it's mandatory to kick off your weekend with a delicious cocktail. While lots of people will celebrate National Tequila Day with a margarita, I'd suggest serving a few cocktails that are just as good — but a little less expected.

The key to hosting friends is to keep it effortless — especially when it comes to preparing cocktails. Here are a few easy-to-create selections to help you along the way.

Añejo Old Fashioned

Could this be the perfect end-of-summer cocktail? It's a taste of the season with an early fall twist — so you get the best of both worlds. Serve it with a savory dish and your guests will be thrilled. Click here for the Añejo Old Fashioned recipe.

Lili's Curves Cocktail

A seductive tequila cocktail using Espolón Silver that's perfect for Cinco de Mayo. You can find it at Galli's in New York City. Click here for the Lili's Curves Cocktail recipe.

Mexican Mojito

A spicy tequila twist on the mojito using Partida blanco tequila. Click here for the Mexican Mojito cocktail. 

Sriracha-Peach Smash Recipe

Spicy and sweet, this cocktail combines unusual flavors that blend beautifully. Try this and other killer tequila cocktails for summer. Click here for the Sriracha-Peach Smash recipe.

Veracruzana Cocktail

This cocktail is an ode to Mexico's oldest and largest port, the home of the sweet Veracruz pineapple. Click here for the Veracruzana Cocktail recipe.