5 Food Stations For A Cat-Themed Party (Slideshow)

While it isn't recommended to actually give your cat a bowl of milk because of their little digestive systems, that doesn't mean your friends can't enjoy the silky beverage. Set up a milk bar for guests to make their favorite dairy concoctions. Let the kids mix themselves up a chocolate or strawberry glass while the adults enjoy a stronger milky cocktail.

Mice and Cheese

Your guests will love a good cheese plate. Serve guests an array of cheese with adorable plush mice as table accessories for a cute play on your theme.

Fish Station

For a fishy station that isn't overwhelming, look to seafood appetizers that everyone will love. If you're worried about keeping any kids happy, have a few bowls of different flavored Goldfish crackers available that guests will love munching on. 

Lasagna Bar

While it isn't scientifically proven that cats love lasagna, we are taking a cue from our favorite orange tabby that your guests will appreciate. Cook and cut up several lasagnas for guests to gobble down — just hopefully not whole!

Birdie Bar

For the feline who watches the windows with a practical death-ray glare at our winged friends, throw together a "bird-bar" that guests can't resist. Offer appetizers or several main dishes of various tasty fowls like chicken, duck, and turkey to keep your guests happy and your kitty jealous.