5 Events for Pumpkin-Themed Entertaining (Slideshow)

Incorporate perfect pumpkin ideas into your fall events

Tailgate Party

While hot dogs and hamburgers will always be the norm for tailgating, Eisen suggests bringing a thermos of pumpkin chowder to the games to keep warm and full. The soup is easy to make and carry around, so serve it hot from thermoses and pour into coffee cups for a hot treat.  Serve with a dollop of crème fraîche and toasted pumpkin seeds. She promises that it is healthier than hot chocolate but just as satisfying.

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Bachelorette Party

Autumn weddings are becoming more popular, as the lure of gorgeous comfortable weather and beautiful fallen leaves make for the perfect wedding day. In honor of the bride-to-be’s wedding season, host a pumpkin-themed bridal shower with tons of cute orange accessories. Before you head out head out for a night of wild debauchery, you can serve your fellow bachelorettes a delicious pumpkin cocktail.

Click here for Ricky Eisen’s Pumpkitini.

Afternoon Tea Party

All autumn long you hear people raving about their pumpkin coffee. While the bean is great, every now and then you need to cleanse with the leaf. For a truly spiritually calming experience, invite friends over for a relaxing tea party. Instead of serving sandwiches, offer attendees a light salad with just a hint of pumpkin-flavored crunch.

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Baby Shower

If you have someone in your life who's due in the fall, serving pumpkin for the little pumpkin is a must! When planning the shower, consider doing whacky pumpkin pairings as a play on mom-to-be’s midnight cravings. For a "serious" dish, bake a batch of something sweet for guests to indulge in, Eisen suggests.

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Kid’s Fall Birthday

Carving pumpkins isn’t the only thing little ones love about the fall food. If your child’s birthday happens to be in the fall, make sure you include a fun appetizer: baked pumpkin on a stick. Not only is it insanely healthy for you, it is delicious as well. To make it less healthy and even more delicious, Eisen suggests dipping half in white chocolate.