4 Simple Fall Crafts to Do With Your Kids

Get your family into the fall spirit by getting a little artsy

These apple stamps will make a mark on your family time this fall!

Fall is the season of bountiful harvests, lush colors, and time with the family. Though your kids may be bumming as the temperatures drop, coax them into the autumn spirit by getting a little artsy with some inspiration from the produce and stunning landscapes that fall has to offer. These four fun and easy fall crafts will have your kids loving this season just as much as its warmer counterparts.  

Apple Stamps

Teach your kids about how seeds become fruit by cutting a few apples in half and turning them into stamps. Pour red, yellow, and green paint onto three paper plates to create an easel of sorts. Then, have them stamp away on a sheet of paper to see the texture of apples turned into art! For some extra flourishes, add a brown construction paper basket, or draw on leaves and stems with markers.

Crayon-Melted Pumpkins

To bring a little rainbow into this typically red, gold, and brown season, DIY a pumpkin into something stunning. Take a white pumpkin with a relatively flat top, unwrap a pack of crayons, and use a hot glue gun to attach them to the top of the squash, sorting them however you choose. Use a blow dryer on its hottest setting so the wax drips down the pumpkin, creating a rainbow waterfall effect. Just be careful that your child’s fingers stay away from the hot wax!

Handprint Tree

Have your child lay his or her forearm down on a big sheet of white paper and trace it. Then, paint the “trunk” brown. Next, set out an assortment of red, gold, brown, and green finger paints and let the kid create leaves with his or her fingerprints. This memento is not only a good way to make a fall landscape, it’s also a future nostalgic memento for when those hands and fingers aren’t as tiny as they used to be.

Leaf Painting


Go outside and have your kids pick up some fallen leaves from the ground — the more diverse in size and shape, the better! Then, back indoors, tape the leaves onto a big piece of white paper and have the children paint over them so they leave an imprint on the sheet. Once your kids are done with their artwork, carefully peel off the leaves for a unique piece of art!