3 Things You Should Never Serve at a Party

Serving these dishes could ruin your party
Buffalo Wing Pizza

Craig Priebe, author and chef, creates a Buffalo Wing Pizza using hot sauce, celery, and chunks of a chicken breast.

Homemade Pizza


Homemade isn't always the best thing for a dinner party.

Gathering your friends every now and then for a dinner party is always a fun idea. You get to serve up something delicious that everyone can enjoy, and it can help you form closer relationships with your friends. But what happens when a clueless host serves something that ruins the night? Use our helpful tips to avoid serving these foods that will certainly put a damper on the evening. From dairy overloads to cooking disasters, The Daily Meal will help you avoid them all.

Homemade Pizza

Let’s be honest, this never quite turns out like you hoped. Unless you’re the pizza dough rolling master, it’s going to be a struggle trying to make beautiful pizzas for your guests. Also, unless you have a pizza slab, these aren’t going to turn out that great on a cookie sheet in your oven. It’s one thing to have a make your own pizza night with some Boboli crusts and a topping bar for your family, but it’s a whole different ball game when you serve this to guests. You probably can’t outcook the local pizza joint, so unless you’re going to order in from them, don’t serve pizza.


Serving quesadillas at a party is never a good idea. First off, they’re usually greasy, cheesy messes that are slathered in refried beans, sour cream, and guacamole. None of which will be fun stains to clean out of your carpet the next day. Secondly, quesadillas are usually paired with sour cream which means you’re going to be consuming a lot of dairy and so will your guests. Maybe your stomach can handle that dairy, cheesy overload but many people’s stomachs aren’t made of iron. If you don’t want your guests running to the bathroom all night or feeling so full they just want to go home, avoid serving this mess.

Steamed Vegetables


This may seem like an easy, last-minute way to add some green onto your guests’ plates, but no one wants to chow down on tasteless microwavable vegetables. You’re better off throwing together an easy colorful salad or sautéing some spinach and kale in a pan with some drizzled olive oil. At the very least, roast your vegetables to make them crispy  on the outsides with a sweet, soft center.