20 Ways to Make Your Parties More Eco-Friendly

Honor Earth Day with these green party tips
picnic table


Host your party in nature for a stunning, eco-friendly (and cheap!) setting.

Even though we love entertaining, there’s one thing we have to admit about throwing a wedding, family reunion, birthday celebration, or other type of party: It can really have a heavy impact on the environment. Everything involved in throwing a stunning event, from décor to food to invitations, transportation, and gifts, can have a huge, unintended ecological impact.

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This Earth Day, vow to make your parties more ecologically friendly. From scrapping paper invites in favor of e-cards and text messages to decorating with reusable and secondhand items to sourcing your food and drinks from local farmers and recycling, composting, and reusing your waste, you can easily throw an incredible party without having a large impact on the Earth.

After you get in the habit of planning green parties, you’ll never look back again. These tips not only help out the Earth, but they will give your events a rustic feel that you simply can’t get any other way.