18 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Jelly Beans Slideshow

A Floral Arrangement

While flower arrangements already bring color to a tablescape, adding jelly beans into the vase for a punchy pop as A Little Bite of Life did can only help.



Easy, affordable, and totally DIY, this project has you add jelly beans to any vase and stick a votive candle in the center to create a spring tablescape.


Fill a spring-themed cookie cutter with an arrangement of the same shade atop a place setting and your visitors will appreciate the festive surprise. 


Add a bit of height to your Easter table with these jelly bean trees.


Flower Cupcakes

Flower power is all the rage at From Passion to Purpose. Create different buds atop cupcakes for a festive kick to your dessert selection.


Dessert Bar

As you know, we're huge fans of dessert bars. Fill different-sized glasses with a variety of jelly beans on your table to display treats like cake pops, rock candy, lollipops, and other sweets with a burst of bright color. 

Ice Cream

Who would have thought the sweet bites would make for a great ice cream mix-in? Try your hand at this no-churn, no-machine recipe from Kavey Eats.

Jelly Bean Cookies

Modeled after jelly beans, these bite-sized cookies from Last Course Bakery still pack the same pizzazz as the real stuff.


Macaroon Nests

Combine the classic flavors of a macaroon with a hint of color to create these adorable treats.


This centerpiece from Lookie What I Did is perfect for a large, oblong dining room table. Fill a slim dish with jelly beans and decorated Easter eggs for a welcoming centerpiece.


These bracelets from Posed Perfection are ideal as a kids crafting activity during a party; send your guests home with these as a favor.

Easter Egg Surprise

The combination of Rice Krispies and jelly beans creates a two-in-one Easter treat. Try this recipe from Simply Designing with your kids.

Bee Cupcakes

These beehive cupcakes from Sleepless in Sandy are so clever. Create little bees from a lemon jelly bean, slivered almonds, and some black frosting for a perfect sugar bee.

Jelly Bean Cocktail

Jelly Bean Cocktail

Infuse the sweet stuff into your signature party cocktail like The Kitchn did, or crush them up and line the rim of the glass for a bit of decorative flair.

Table Numbers

For a super simple add-on to any colorful party theme, fill mason jars with number candles and jelly beans so guests can spot their tables easily.

Napkin Ring

Edible and practical, these napkin rings from Delish add a bright twist to your place setting.

Jelly Bean Bark

Val So Cal takes pastel to another level, creating a jelly bean bark that makes for a great homemade hostess gift when attending a spring party as a guest.