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16 Recipes for Your Last Outdoor Cookout Before It Gets Too Cold

Celebrate the end of summer with these seasonal grilled party dishes

One of the reasons we love summer is the endless cookouts. Having friends and family over every weekend for a grilled feast in your backyard or garden is one of best ways to while away a sunny Sunday. We’ll be sad to say goodbye to our favorite cooking season, but while the sun is still shining, and it’s still fairly warm outside, we’re determined to give these warmer months a real farewell party with one last cookout featuring all our favorite late-summer dishes.

16 Recipes for Your Last Outdoor Cookout Before It Gets Too Cold (Slideshow)

It’s not only the weather that’s changing, putting a halt to our outdoor grilling parties. The sweet, ripe summer produce is gradually disappearing from farmers markets and grocery stores as we transition from corn and tomatoes to pumpkins and apples. Make sure you don’t get so carried away with eating as many hot dogs as you can while your grill is on that you forget to make bacon-wrapped peaches, Mexican corn, and spicy squash skewers. You may feel as if you’ve eaten enough of all these grilled foods to last you a lifetime, but if you don’t have them one more time in the next couple of weeks, you’ll be seriously regretting it when you get to the dark depths of February.

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We’ve collected our favorite late-summer grilled recipes, which we encourage you to try as many of as possible before the warm weather disappears for a while. Begin your meal with grilled garlic bread (it’s so much better than when made in the oven), follow that with homemade burgers and all the sides you can dream of, and end with a grilled peach cobbler. As you know by now, the grill shouldn’t just be used for savory food: There’s no better way to send off summer than with a decadent dessert that centers around grilled stone fruits.