16 Best Restaurant Chain Breakfasts in America

16 Best Restaurant Chain Breakfasts in America

Wake up and smell the coffee at these tasty breakfast spots
16 Best Restaurant Chain Breakfasts in America

16. Marie Callender's

Marie Callender’s Restaurant & Bakery/Yelp

This classic American chain diner/restaurant has more than 75 locations throughout the nation. Not only are they a purveyor of fine breakfast meals, Marie Callender’s also has their own frozen produce line. While they aren’t known for breakfast, they made our list because of their hearty meals and range of options, including items like quiches and hashers. Sadly, their limited in-restaurant menu items and value deals landed them in last place on our list. 

15. Bob Evans

Bob Evans

Bob Evans/Yelp

Another family restaurant with their own chain of frozen delights, Bob Evans has been serving families breakfast for more than 50 years in more than 19 states. Famous for their “Rise and Shine” breakfast, this restaurant was first opened in Rio Grande, Ohio. The hours vary by locations and the menu covers a vast array of both breakfast and dinner options, but has a fairly basic offering of breakfast options. 

14. Coco’s

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Coco’s Bakery Restaurant/Yelp

Popular in the West, Coco’s Bakery Restaurant began their culinary journey in 1948. The restaurant has a lot of healthy options with a ton of savory and sweet options for breakfast. Though locations are not all 24 hours, they do serve breakfast all day to satisfy that morning craving at any time of the day. 

13. Carrows

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Lynette N./Yelp

Known for their pies, this mostly California-based restaurant chain offers an impressive list of breakfast items. With their loaded omelettes and “West Coast” favorite breakfasts, this chain serves up their menu mostly in the mornings and hours vary by location.

12. Mimi’s Cafe

Tohru K./Yelp

This French inspired cafe has a tres chic menu that is perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch. Located through the more southern region of the country, popular dishes there include the Quiche Lorraine and the Pomme Lyonnaise Benedict. Though the menu is not overflowing with breakfast options, what they do offer is artisanally inspired, fairly hearty, and comes with rave reviews from happy patrons. 

11. Le Peep

Le Peep/Yelp

Le Peep’s long 45-year history boasts a menu “that reads like a cookbook” and is super loaded with fabulous options. Serving mostly middle America, this franchise is fawned over by patrons and includes a lot of great value combos and trussed up omelettes to satiate your breakfast cravings. 

10. First Watch

First Watch/Yelp

This daytime cafe services many states in the middle of the country, closer to the East Coast. With a ton of healthier options and great power dishes, there are a plethora of breakfast options for the wayward breakfaster. Just don’t expect to pop by too late; it is called a daytime cafe for a reason!

9. Village Inn

Karen V./Yelp

Throughout the country, Village Inn has been around since 1958. Known for their skillet dishes, the options for morning treats are almost overwhelming. This all-day breakfast spot may not be open 24 hours, but their made-from-scratch, super enticing dishes helped them nab a spot in our top 10. 

8. Huddle House

Joe D./Yelp

“Any meal. Any time.” The Huddle House motto not only guarantees a delicious breakfast meal anytime they are open, they promise any meal is available for breakfast as well. With super-large menu opens and a history of satisfied customers, Huddle House’s 50 year reign doesn’t seem to have an ending in sight any time soon. People are still drooling over their HH branded waffles and their super-stuffed platters. 

7. Waffle House

Eric Glenn / Shutterstock.com

This classic breakfast spot is so iconic, it has its own museum. The company’s rich history began as the dream of two friends in 1949 when they purchased a home together. Since 1955, the Waffle House officially opened its doors, their diner style service has hardly changed much over the years and seems to just keep getting better with age. While they have a few great options for dressing up your waffles, of course, this delicious spot offer patrons a ton of extra breakfast options to make their morning’s great!

6. Biscuitville

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Em H./Yelp

No, this isn’t another ‘SNL’ parody business. This is the very real, very tasty breakfast-centric restaurant that offers all biscuits, all the time. Your morning will be spent analyzing the seemingly endless ways you can enjoy a biscuit for breakfast with a choice of any of their seven breakfast-friendly sides. 

5. The Original Pancake House

Jenny S./Yelp

All over the country (and even in Asia), breakfast lovers are making pilgrimages to this breakfast spot for the most dreamy pancake dishes you could ever imagine. With sweet and airy delights like the Dutch Baby pancakes or the creative treats like coconut waffles, you can enjoy breakfast any time of the day during their hours of operation!  

4. Cracker Barrel

Courtesy of Cracker Barrel

The Crack Barrel Old Country Store and Restaurant is a great spot to enjoy a southern breakfast anywhere in the country. Offering breakfasts like biscuits and gravy and a plethora of hearty samplers all day, you can pull up a chair and play checkers while you wait for your hearty meal. 


Alexander Oganezov / Shutterstock.com

When you just need a pancake at 9 p.m., IHOP is the place you know you can trust. With an almost innumerable amount of specials and offerings, IHOP is a place breakfast lovers can seek refuge any time of the day. Offering more than just pancakes, this popular spot is widely loved all over the country for tuning in to their customer’s cravings; just take note of their bacon-lovers menu options!

2. Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com

Flooding the country from coast to coast with their appetizing breakfast options, this family franchise was founded in 1958. With locations extending to Canada, many do not know that they combined forces with another contender on this list, Marie Callender’s. With a variety of menu options and great value deals, Perkins prides itself on being a true “family” experience and have a few great “over the top” menu items. 

1. Denny’s

Eric Glenn/Shutterstock.com

Open 24 hours a day across the country, they are truly “America’s Diner.” Our number one breakfast chain has been proudly serving a variety of breakfast options and value deals for 60 years. From skillet entrees to classic combinations, Denny’s is a great asylum for any breakfast lover in need of their prominent craving. Make sure you try their piled on breakfast specials like Moon’s Over My Hammy and the loaded All-American Slam.