IHOP's Biggest Menu Change Ever Is Officially Underway

IHOP has announced a major menu overhaul, as per a March 29 press release. The restaurant chain will soon begin offering a new variety of dishes that feature fresh ingredients.

Though IHOP is best known for its pancakes, the restaurant has explored savory options over the past few years. Back in 2018, it even temporarily called itself "IHOb" as part of a marketing campaign to promote the burgers on its menu. IHOP has also added burritos, crispy chicken, and melts to its offerings in recent years.

The restaurant chain is leaning into the savory side of things with its newest menu items. IHOP's Chief Marketing Officer, Kieran Donahue, cites customer feedback as a major incentive for expanding the menu. "Every decision we made for this menu was driven by our guests," she said in a statement. She noted that the chain is exploring more savory options, allowing customers to dine-in at IHOP any time of day.

The restaurant will serve sweet and savory options

The fan-favorite Cinn-A-Stack pancakes will be making a reappearance on menus, reports IHOP's press release, with a sweet cinnamon roll filling under swirls of cream cheese frosting. The chain will also be serving crepes, and customers can choose from a few fillings: cinnamon bun, chicken pesto, or fresh berry.

The chain will also be offering a breakfast classic. The eggs Benedict line will feature a variety of ordering options, all incorporating a creamy hollandaise sauce and English muffins. The battered fish and shrimp dishes will be served alongside French fries and tartar sauce. Fresh berry and chopped chicken salads will also be available to order for customers craving something a little lighter.

The Ultimate Steakburgers feature a new menu option, too. Customers can swap out the cheese on the burger for a four-cheese crisp, made from cheddar, Swiss, fontal, and gruyere cheeses. The burgers can also be ordered with a bourbon bacon jam.

To wash your food down, IHOP will also be offering a variety of new drinks, including mango iced tea and a strawberry lemonade splasher. Customers can check out the new menu beginning April 3 at participating IHOP restaurants nationwide.