15 Worst Wedding Cake Disasters

15 Worst Wedding Cake Disasters

Your wedding cake is the most expensive cake you'll ever buy, and — unless a friend or family member outdoes you — it's the most expensive bite of cake you'll ever eat. Deciding what cake to have, how it should be decorated, and where you should get it from are important parts of your wedding planning. Once you've settled on the design, flavor, size, and baker, the cake is crossed off your list, and slips to the back of your mind: That one part of the wedding day is deemed to be sorted. But judging by these disasters, that isn't always the case.

Cement Icing

This couple's wedding cake arrived as perfectly as they had pictured. Decorated in a white fondant icing, and adorned with delicate flower petals, it stood beautifully as the centerpiece during their entire wedding reception. Then came the moment when they tried to cut into it. They tried with increasing force, but to no avail. The fondant icing was so hard and thick they simply could not cut into their cake.

Cinderella’s Horror Story

This fairytale-inspired cake was meant to be a towering, sugar-coated, glittering structure, topped with a delicate glass slipper. The result, however, was not like anything anyone could ever have imagined. It looks as if the cake got run over, and the baker tried to fix it by heaping it back together with his or her bare hands to try and shape it into a shape which vaguely resembles a wedding cake.

Decoration Miscommunication

You gave clear directions about the cake design, everything is agreed upon, and then the cake arrives and it's as if you had never discussed what the cake would look like at all. This bride's dream of a smooth, three-tiered cake, decorated in white pearls and red roses had become a nightmare squat cake, with red spots stuck on the lumpy icing.

EBay Cake Sale

One British bride was so upset with the wedding cake that the bakery had created for her that she tried to sell it on eBay. They were selling it as 'New' as they hadn't even cut into it and tried it, it was that unappetizing.

Falling to the Floor

Wedding cakes are heavy, and many couples underestimate quite how much they weigh. Placing the cake on a small, spindly table, is asking for trouble. The table buckled underneath the weight of this cake, and the whole thing collapsed to the floor.

Forgotten Decorations

This bride was hoping for a chic, minimal wedding cake. But the cake she received was so minimal that it looked incomplete and bleak. Perfect simplicity is never easy to master, but this baker didn't even try to cover up his or her lack of skill. Instead, it looks as if the baker gave up half way through: He or she baked three cakes, slapped on some icing, used the wrong color ribbon, and couldn't be bothered with the rest.

Handprint on the Icing

One anonymous couple reported that their wedding cake was delivered to their reception three hours late by an embarrassed looking bakery assistant. The fondant icing had a huge handprint on top of the cake: It was obvious that he had almost dropped the cake, but managed to save it by catching the top tier with his hands, denting the icing in the process.

Life-Size Replica of the Bride

This bride ordered life-size, cake replicas of herself and her husband-to-be. This is a terrifying idea, and the results were eerily lifelike. However, the bakery, which did such a scarily good job of recreating the bride, didn't have enough time to bake the groom, which means that this couple celebrated their wedding by cutting into a solitary bride. Hopefully this slightly self-obsessed, cake-loving bride doesn't end up leading a life as lonely as her cake did.  

Missing Tiers

wedding cake missing the majority of its tiers is a cake fail that has happened to so many newly-married couples. Whether the bakery simple forgot, ran out of time, miscounted, or broke the others, remains a mystery. Needless to say, no couple has ever been impressed when their four-foot tall cake extravaganza turns out to be an underwhelming single layer cake, more suited to a two-year-old's birthday party.

Monogram Mistakes

The bride and groom only have themselves to blame for these mistakes. Not thinking through how their new monogram will actually read before they request for it to be piped on to the cake is an error many newlyweds have made, to the great amusement of their guests.

Smashed in Transit

Not only do wedding cake-bakers have to design, bake, and decorate the cake, they also have to transport it to the reception. Unsurprisingly, several cake casualties have occurred in the back of cars on their way to the wedding, at which point, unfortunately, it is too late to do anything about it.

Squashed Cake

This couple's dream of an elegant, symmetrical, clean-lined wedding cake, turned into a nightmare for one couple. Their selection from the bakery cake catalog bore almost no resemblance to the one that was delivered to them. Perhaps some of the bakers sat on it, and then let a class of kindergarten kids decorate the remains of the squashed sponge.

Spelling Mistakes

Imagine receiving your wedding cake, and on the top was piped: "Happy Weeding Day!" The day you've been planning for all year, the day you dreamed about since you were a little girl, the day you invited all your friends and family to celebrate: Your Weeding Day!

Toppling Over

The less experienced cake-makers of the world need to make sure they really research how to make a wedding cake before they jump right into the task of building that five-tiered cake the happy couple requested. Support within the cake is vital, and this baker clearly didn't understand that when she balanced one cake on top of the other, hoping the layers of sponge would be strong enough to hold the weight of one another.

Waiters Dropped the Cake

Being a waiter at any wedding is a nerve-wracking task. This is one of the most important days in this couple's life, and it's in large part down to you to ensure that it goes well. One way to make sure that it certainly does not go well? Dropping the wedding cake on the floor. I think a change of career may be necessary after that mistake.