15 Ways To Eat And Drink Like Cameron Diaz

15 Ways to Eat and Drink Like Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has just published her second book, The Longevity Book, which discusses the art and science of growing older in today's society. Obviously, one of the key ways to stay healthy and grow old gracefully and happily is to eat and drink in a wholesome way. As a self-proclaimed Goop-lover, eating a nutritious, balanced diet is something Cameron Diaz takes incredibly seriously. But she doesn't take it so seriously that we feel we can't aspire to eat and drink just like this beautiful, inspiring actress: In fact, we think this is the one celebrity whose diet we really could live with.

Add Lemon

Cameron Diaz adds lemon to almost everything she eats and drinks. Slices of lemons are in her waterlemon juice is on her salads, and pasta is tossed with the zest and juice of this citrus fruit. Not only does lemon add a boost of flavor to your food and drinks, but it also helps maintain a healthy digestive and immune system, and is a great source of vitamin C.

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Avocado Addict

When asked what foods she could take to a desert island to eat for the rest of her life, Cameron's first response was avocado. Eaten simply with lemon juice and salt, ripe avocados are her absolute favorite food.

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Bulk-Buy Brown Rice Couscous

One key to habitual healthy eating is to always have enough wholesome ingredients in your pantry. Cameron bulk-buys brown rice couscous to avoid any risk of running out, and consequently being tempted to skip cooking a balanced meal, and ordering take-out instead.

Cuban Comfort Food

Cameron Diaz doesn't claim to be a completely virtuous human being: She often gives into her cravings for comfort food. For her, Cuban food is the ultimate comfort food, and is what she turns to when she needs her meal to cheer her up.

Drink Probiotics

Probiotics are incredibly important to maintain a healthy digestive system. To make sure that she's getting plenty of them, and that they're the essential probiotics that she really needs, Diaz drinks a rice-based probiotic drink called Bio-K once a day.

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Favorite Food Inspiration

Cameron Diaz is a great admirer of so many cooks and chefs. She lists Gwyneth Paltrow, Donna Hay, Rachael Ray, and her own mom, as her main inspirations for all things food, ingredient, cooking, and nutrition.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

One of the many reasons we love Cameron Diaz is that she doesn't claim to just eat chia seeds all day, every day. She's a firm believer in following the 80/20 rule, which dictates that 80 percent of what you eat is nutritious, healthy, and wholesome, and the other 20 percent can be the salty, sugary, comfort food, that you crave. By following this rule you'll be able to stay healthy, without having to restrict what you're eating all the time.

Give Into Your Cravings

There's no use trying to restrict what you eat all the time: Diaz believes that it will be impossible to stick to a wholesome diet if you try to reject everything unhealthy forever. As an ex-fast food junkie, Diaz gives into her cravings for greasy, salty, fatty food every once in a while, and refuses to feel guilty about it.

Kitchen Sink Soup

Diaz's standard weeknight dinner is what she refers to as "kitchen sink soup." This is made up of cooking whatever protein and vegetables she has in the refrigerator in a simple chicken stock for a healthy, simple, filling meal.

Put an Egg on It

Frying an egg over-easy and putting it on top of whatever meal she's eating, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is Diaz's favorite cooking hack. Adding an egg to your dish gives you an extra boost of protein, and transforms any leftovers you're eating to a wholesome, hearty meal.

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Savory Oatmeal

Diaz is a big believer in the importance of eating breakfast every day. One of her favorite breakfast dishes is savory oatmeal, made up of oats cooked al dente, with sautéed greens, such as caramelized leeks, and topped with lemon juice, ponzu sauce, and maybe even a fried or scrambled egg.

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Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

You may be surprised to know that pasta features in Diaz's diet. She often swaps regular pasta for whole-wheat or quinoa pasta for a healthier meal, but she is not afraid to admit that the classic spaghetti aglio e olio is her all-time favorite pasta dish.

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Sunday Meal Planning

Diaz's Sundays are always spent in the kitchen. If friends and family want to see her on a Sunday afternoon, they have to come and hang out with her in her kitchen while she prepares her food and meals for the coming week. Without having a well-stocked, meal-ready refrigerator on a Sunday night, she will not manage to get through the week in the most nutritious, energized way.

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Turn on the Grill

Diaz loves entertaining: Having her friends over for a relaxed meal is an absolute favorite way to spend the evening. When she's hosting a large group, she'll always use the grill to make the centerpiece of the meal, which will typically be steak, lamb chops, or fish. Alongside this, she'll serve a hearty salad — a favorite is a cabbage and citrus combination — and a simple pasta dish, such as the previously mentioned favorite spaghetti aglio e olio.

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Water, Water, Water

If there's one diet habit that Diaz can't stress enough, it's to drink copious amounts of water. She starts every day with a huge glass of water, which she sets out by her bed before she goes to sleep. Throughout the day, she'll drink water constantly, and will never leave home without her glass water bottle in her bag.

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