15 Ways To Decorate Any Dish With Stars And Stripes

If you're looking to take your patriotic Fourth of July menu to the next level, a fun and celebratory way to do that is by decorating your dishes with the signature stars and stripes from the American flag.

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With a little bit of effort and some good old-fashioned know-how, typical dishes like pizza, cakes, and even pats of butter go from plain to party-ready.

Chances are you already have what you need in the back of your junk drawer. The easiest way to make any dish into a festive landscape is by using star-shaped cookie cutters, vegetable cutters, or silicon ice cube trays. Using these common items, you can make things like potato chips, chocolates, and even deli platters into American flag landscapes that will make your party perfectly detailed and Instagrammable.

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