15 Times Celebrities Made Headlines With Food

Looking back at some or our favorite celebrity food stories that we never want to forget

While preparing for his role as a chef in the movie Burnt, Cooper spent several weeks training under the hugely successful chef Marcus Wareing.

We may all envy the lives of the rich and famous, but when we really think about their lack of privacy, how they’re constantly hounded by paparazzi, and that every vaguely interesting thing they do becomes headline news, we soon become more contented with our own less fancy lives. Even though many celebrities don’t consider themselves ‘foodies,’ and most of them don’t work in the food world, the media loves it when there is some food-related celebrity incident they can share with the rest of us, whether it’s an astounding new diet, a star’s favorite cheat-day treat, or a previously concealed culinary skill.

15 Times Celebrities Made Headlines With Food (Slideshow)

The following 15 celebrities have all made the news thanks to a food story in recent years. The reasons for appearing in the headlines have been wide ranging, but we’re still regularly thinking and talking about all of them. Whether a celebrity has embarrassed themselves by making some etiquette faux pas, has finally admitted their love of junk food, or has taken on some extreme food-related challenge, we always want to know about it, read about it, talk about it, and share the news with everybody.


So, when Miley Cyrus gets a new food-related tattoo, when Blake Lively bakes the most stunning cake for a famous friend, or when Selena Gomez hits back at fans who are criticizing her food tastes, we always want to know about it. These food stories show us another side to these celebrities, making them seem more human, more approachable, and more like us. Read on to find out our favorite moments of celebrity food news, ranging from an Instagram account of Meryl Streep as avocado toast to Britney Spears’ surprising Starbucks outfit choice.