14 Best Party Planning Apps Slideshow

Simple Soirée

The iPhone’s most popular party planner, Simple Soirée, should not be left out of your hosting toolbox. From invitation creation, to guest list management, and shopping list organization, it is an extremely comprehensive aide. The party planner helps you sort your shopping list to be viewed any which way: by store locations, like “Cheese Shop” or “Grocery Store,” or by categories such as “Beverages,” and “Décor & Favors.” App reviewers claim it’s even great for daily organization, and one even uses the app when planning camping trips and vacations in addition to parties.

The Cocktail App

Based on the famous cocktail poster by Konstantin Datz, this stylish app provides users with classic cocktail recipes as well as suggestions for proper glassware and garnishes. Each ingredient is color-coded and indicates what bar equipment you’ll need for assembly. After spending time with this app, you’re bound to raise your status from amateur home bartender to professional mixologist in no time.

Apple Remote

Control all party tunes at your event using your iPhone or iPad as the remote control. You can access your living room stereo from anywhere in the house or apartment. But it’s up to you, DJ, to set the ideal playlist.


If you’re at a party and you run out of beer, simply use the NearBeer app to find the liquor store closest to your location. Your resourcefulness is sure to grant you the MVP title of the evening.

Fearless Flowers

Tired of standing in front of the flower selection dumbfounded and unable to visualize the ideal arrangement? The Fearless Flowers app should diffuse any future concern. Whether it’s a centerpiece you are creating, or a bouquet for the buffet table, this guide allows you to look up flowers by type and occasion, and gives plenty of tips to help you achieve the perfect floral display.


Design and send custom invitations and notes with Post right from your handheld. Invitations can be transmitted through text message or email, and you can even personalize an electronic notepad for lists or quick messages to friends. There is a selection of 60 included designs at your fingertips that can also act as inspiration for your party theme.

What Would You Choose?

This hilarious party game app prompts your friends to answer “would you rather” questions with crazy, comical, and extremely preposterous choices. You can select topics by categories, such as animals (Would you rather be locked in a cage with a hungry lion for an hour, or be locked in a cage with spiders for a day?), travel (Would you rather travel by pogo stick everywhere or travel by unicycle everywhere?), special powers (Would you rather breakdance anywhere on any surface, or moonwalk over water?) and much more.


Take cute photos at your party and add a classy, vintage touch to their color and shape. The app allows you to apply features such as “Inkwell” for black and white, “Walden” for a washed-out look, “Nashville” for a brighter wash, or "1977" which makes the photo you just took look like it came from your old family album. 

Linen Colors by Sferra

Coordinate table linens with dinnerware by taking a photo of your dishware and matching it to a number of swatches available on the app. You can compare looks and find what works best before you buy. And when your decision is made, place your linen order through your iPad or iPhone, or use the store locator to find a nearby Sferra retailer.

Seating Planner +

This app is essential to have when solving seating-plan frustrations for any size event. A simple drag and drop function allows you to move guests around the plan. And it’s just as easy to adjust table positions and sizes. The app also allows you to keep track of RSVPs, as well as guest information like who has dietary restrictions and who is bringing infants. You can even export the final plan to a PDF to print out a hard copy.


One thousand four hundred food, wine, and cheese pairings — we dare you to try them all! iPairings helps you navigate the seemingly tricky task of selecting compatible menu items. The app allows you to either start with your anticipated wine list, matching the dishes and cheeses that work best, or begin with your food menu and discover the best wine pairings. What other method allows you to bring a library of choices along with you to the store when making purchase decisions for a party?

Robb Report Host Guide

Exclusive to the iPad, this gorgeous app will help you perfectly combine a variety of spirits into your event. The app provides relevant beverage-related information broken out into categories, like “Wines for Entertaining,” or “21 Reasons to Celebrate,” and shares pointers on how to store and preserve your alcohol properly. It even helps with the realities of the party aftermath with “Hangover Cures.”

Mise en Place

Preparing a menu for an event you’re hosting, or even for your weekly meal plan, is made easy with Mise en Place. The app enables you to schedule dishes and break down each prep task with a timeline tool. It’s an excellent resource for preparing your ingredients, reducing the potential for stressful, last-minute encounters.


For an app that gets conversations rolling and keeps dinner party guests at ease, consider downloading iTopics. The app displays random questions like, “What’s the biggest lie you ever told your mother?” and fun icebreaker categories like Entertainment, Politics, Love, Fashion/Beauty, and more. Just select the field of interest and start learning the dirty truths about your party companions.