12 Wedding Decorations Even a Non-Crafty Bride Can DIY

You don’t need to be a crafting master to make these decorations
Chalkboard sign


Don't buy your wedding signage — do it yourself!

If there’s one way to have a budget wedding that is totally tailored to your dream tastes and concepts, it’s to go DIY. Making your own wedding favors, centerpieces, and signage is both on-trend for this decade and a way to ensure that your day is perfectly catered to your vision. After all, who can envision your dream wedding better than you?

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The only problem with trying to DIY your wedding? Not every bride is exactly Martha Stewart. Despite how desperately you may want to flawlessly execute lighted floral centerpieces in hand-painted vases, there’s a disconnect between the picture in your head and what your non-crafty hands are capable of.

Luckily for the uncoordinated brides (and grooms) out there, there are plenty of easy wedding decorations that you can easily make yourself, even with a limited artistic ability. From glittery Champagne flutes to a mailbox gift card holder to a guest book that will totally make your wedding stand out, you can have the day of your dreams, save money, and have a hand in doing it all yourself with ease.