12 Most Romantic Wedding Cakes (Slideshow)

Grand Romance

A towering profession of love, this gorgeous cake finds romance in grandiose presentations. Check out the beautiful arrangement of flowers that purposefully mirror the cake design — they are so beautiful you can't tell which one is the real one!

Pretty Parisian

Anything that takes a cue from the City of Love is automatically romantic. This Parisian styled cake is simply stated, making its romantic qualities a thing to adore. 

Spring Love

There is nothing more romantic than the springtime. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and wedding season is in high gear. This flowery cake with accented spring green piping is absolutely lovely and perfect for a romantic kind of couple. 

Lavender Love

This lovely lavender cake is just the sweetest thing we've ever seen. Look at those detailed blooms and that dreamy purple — you can just feel the love!

Fairy Tale

What girl doesn't dream of a fairy tale wedding? This castle cake is perfect for a bride who met their dream come true prince!

Regal Details

With a regal feel, this gorgeous, towering cake is a confection that makes a statement and beautifully encapsulates a romantic, formal vibe. 

Beautifully Bridal

Sometimes the most romantic cakes are the ones that look the most traditional. With an almost satin glow, this pretty, petite cake is great for a simple couple who want to subtly celebrate their nuptials.  

Victorian Beauty

Can you tell the difference between the bouquets and the details of this cake? We sure can't! A gorgeous Victorian styled cake makes for a beautifully romantic confection and is perfect for a classically romantic couple. 

Blushing Cake

With a color that will surely match the bride's cheeks, this blush pink four-tier wedding cake is decorated with peonies and piped white dots giving off an elegant pearl design. Inside, the cake is filled with chocolate, chocolate and Oreos, cream buttercream, vanilla with Italian meringue hazelnut, pink velvet with lemon cream cheese and raspberry Chambord buttercream 

Rosey Cupcake

What newlywed doesn't swoon at the sight of roses? These petite and sweet little cupcakes are completely adorable and perfect for any lovey-dovey wedding. 

Caged Love

This sweet, vintage, and trendy cake's accessory adds an air of romantic mystery to this couples cool wedding cake. 

Country Cake

Dotted with tiny rosebuds and with a pattern that harkens to a springtime kitchen, this homey cake represents a romantic love that is built to last. We can't get over the adorable patterned details and the simple design that just makes our hearts skip a beat!