12 Most Hilarious Birthday Cake Fails

12 Most Hilarious Birthday Cake Fails

Indulging in a huge slice of birthday cake is definitely our favorite thing about celebrating being another year older. A perfectly frosted cake, decorated with sprinkles and candles, hiding a chocolate sponge underneath, is a treat we look forward to all year. However, our birthday would be a lot less special if we were forced to celebrate with one of these terrible cakes.

Desert vs Dessert

When one lady asked for a simple dessert cake, with no decoration, she was incredibly confused when the bakery delivered two cakes which were decorated with a desert theme. Turns out the baker on the phone had written down the instructions, but had missed an 's' in 'dessert'. The baker doing the decorating took the instructions literally.

Dog Gone Wrong

Whoever was hoping for a cake that looked like their adorable dog must have been mightily disappointed when they were served this monstrosity.  We're not sure if there's even any cake hidden under that mound of whipped cream, served so elegantly on a black plastic tray.

Double Sprinkles

The baker who was tasked with decorating this cake clearly felt that the instruction to include sprinkles needed to be mentioned on the cake, perhaps to explain their presence on the frosting. We really hope that the birthday girl or boy is now nicknamed Sprinkles as a result of some panicked parent trying to provide an explanation for this hilarious mistake.

Hello Kitty Fail

This girl's dreams of the perfect Hello Kitty cake that would impress all her friends, and proivide a happy, everlasting memory of the best birthday cake ever, were dashed when this terrible attempt at recreating her favorite character was served at her party.

Imperfect Decoration Dictation

This bakery needs to create a better system to distinguish what message is meant to go on the cake, and what information is not meant to be included in the decoration. They should also learn that the photo of the desired cake decoration is meant to be replicated in edible icing on the cake, not just stuck on top, in between the piped pickup time.

Language Fail

This cake decorator seems to have absolutely no common sense. Perhaps he or she couldn't speak Chinese, and didn't want to look up how to spell 'Happy Birthday' in Chinese online, so just went for this simpler option instead. Let's hope that whoever's birthday it was, in turn, couldn't speak English and therefore didn't understand this unfortunate mistake that adorned their cake.

Literal Cake Makers

Cake bakers seem to have a tendency of taking their instructions rather too literally. This ten=year-old was probably rather puzzled by the lack of numerals which should have been standing on top of his cake to mark his big birthday.

Missing Minnie Mouse

This girl's request for her favorite Disney character, Minnie Mouse, to be smiling on top of her cake was not followed through. Sadly, we have no way of explaining what on earth happened to Minnie's missing face.

Poor Math Skills

Something on this cake doesn't quite add up. Maybe they were celebrating two birthdays with one cake? Or maybe someone just needs to go back to school and concentrate more in math class.

Princess Mess

Dreams of a fairytale princess cake, decorated in extravagant, cascading pink frosting, were shattered when this half-decorated, wonky cake, with a doll falling off the top, was offered up as the centerpiece to this birthday celebration.

Spelling Mistakes

Spelling was clearly not this cake maker's forte. When the customer asked for Stephen to be spelled with a 'ph', this is definitely not what they were after.

Upsetting Emoji

Ordering a sunglass-clad emoji birthday cake shouldn't leave much room for error, should it? Apparently a simple round cake, which just needs to be decorated with yellow icing, sunglasses, and a smile, can turn into an absolute travesty of a birthday cake.