11 Out-Of-This-World 'Star Wars' Food Scenes

11 Out-of-This-World 'Star Wars' Food Scenes

If you don't know the Star Wars' movies, you've been living under a very large rock. Enjoyed by millions, the franchise has spawned products in every conceivable medium, and is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. 

11 Out-of-This-World 'Star Wars' Food Scenes

We can't wait for the premiere this week for Star Wars: Episode VII. On December 18, fans everywhere will get to enjoy new, exciting Star Wars scenes with our favorite characters, like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. 

Dinner Discussion

Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan, and the Skywalker family discuss Anakin's future over a simple meal. The best part? Qui-Gon puts Jar Jar in his place by grabbing his tongue.   

Romantic Pear

A teenaged Anakin shows off to his sweetheart, Padme, by levitating her a pear with the force. Who knew winning someone's heart was as easing as floating some fruit?

Diner Owner

Obi-Wan talks political intrigue with the many-armed proprietor of an intergalactic diner. It's nice to know greasy spoons are the same the universe over.

The Mess Hall

The clone army all eating together in the mess hall, as Obi-Wan takes his tour of the facility. Let's hope Jango Fett, the man whose DNA the army was cloned from, didn't have allergies. Whole battalions could be taken out by a peanut.

Intergalactic Juice Cleanse

Star Wars was health conscious way back in 1977! That's fennel aunt Beru is dropping in that space-juicer.

Family Dinner

Luke and family at dinner on Tatooine. Looks like someone just came back from a Tupperware party.

Granola Bars in Space

Luke feels uneasy as he chews what looks like some sort of granola bar. We would be uncomfortable, too, doing anything in a place like that.

Yoda’s Gruel

Luke grimaces as he eats Yoda's stew, perhaps symbolizing his impatience, and how he still needs to let go of the physical world to learn the force. Or maybe it's just gross.

An Awkward Dinner Guest

Darth Vader is never a welcome dinner guest, especially when the spread is this nice. Why even lay the food out? It adds insult to injury.

Gross Eats

Jabba the Hutt doesn't have a sinister reputation for nothing. You know a movie character is evil if they eat a live, screaming critter whole.

A Strange Diet

Cute and cuddly they may be, but the Ewoks have a taste for human flesh! Here, they are preparing to cook and eat Han, Luke, and Chewie.