11 Delicious Soups Hearty Enough for Dinner

Warm up this winter and celebrate National Hot Soup Month with these easy, satisfying recipes
50 Best Soup Recipes

Looking for a tasty soup recipe to warm you up? The Daily Meal's Cook editor Angela Carlos rounded up 50 recipes for you to try.

Maine Lobster Bisque with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


This creamy bisque has hidden chunks of juicy lobster!

Winter is here, which means you’ve tossed aside those healthy salads that just don’t warm you up in the cold months. The problem with warming foods is they’re often fatty and unhealthy. Cheeseburgers, lasagna, and hot slices of pepperoni pizza are all incredibly tempting when you aren’t thinking about your beach bod and are just looking for a little comfort. Hence the brilliance of National Soup Month coming around in January — aka the dead of winter.

Soups can be so incredibly healthy and light, while still warming you up and satisfying your cravings. Instead of chowing down on a heaping serving of mac and cheese, try a light tortilla soup filled with spicy broth and hearty vegetables. Your waistline will thank you for indulging in these lighter alternatives come spring, when everyone is trying to lose those extra winter pounds. Do yourself a favor and make these warming dishes for lunches at work, dinners for your family, or for dinner parties. It’s National Soup Month, and we intend to celebrate it the right (and healthy) way!