11 All-Natural Summer Beauty Hacks You Need in Your Life

Flawlessly tackle uneven skin tone, frizziness, cellulite, and more

Summer beauty is truly its own beast. With high temperatures and humidity come the threats of makeup meltdown and frizzy hair. Before you reach for a pricey setting spray or an arsenal of chemical products and heat-styling tools, know that a solution might be right in your kitchen. These simple all-natural summer beauty hacks are perfect for every summer woe, and as an added bonus won’t break the bank.

Turns out many foods in your kitchen are good for you both inside and out, and using natural remedies takes the guesswork out of what you are putting on your skin. The cooling, depuffing, and brightening properties of cucumber, for example, leave you naturally refreshed and rejuvenated without having to pay for pricey creams or serums, and sugar is a great, natural exfoliant for both the body and the lips that does not harm the environment.

11 All-Natural Summer Beauty Hacks You Need in Your Life (Slideshow)

Though store-bought skincare products are convenient and can be very effective, we hope these hacks will inspire you to find cheaper, all-natural solutions.

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