10 Wild Weddings Slideshow

1. North Pole Wedding

When the big day begins with a safety briefing at a drift station, it is not going to be your average affair. Nonetheless, for one couple, the North Pole conjured up sounds of wedding bells (rather than Santa's sleigh) and was the perfect location for their 2009 wedding. The couple and their guests were taken by helicopter from Barneo Station for the first-ever wedding ceremony at 90 degrees, or true North, redefining what a white wedding really is — one situated amongst snow drifts, ice crystals, and a mild, -35 degrees Celsius.

2. Scuba Wedding

In early 2011, one couple with a love for the sea tied the knot in an under-the-sea ceremony in the waters of Bonaire, off the coast of Venezuela. Guests were asked to wear wetsuits and flippers, and the bride wore a garter, veil, white flippers, and held a palm branch bouquet. Written signs accompanied the ceremony, lest the sounds of the sea garble the officiant's words, and after exchanging rings, the couple swam away as "dive buddies forever," with a "Just Married" buoy in tow.

3. Mountaintop Wedding

Istock/Adventure Photo

When a couple shares a love of mountains, and for hiking, it's only logical to take their love to new heights, literally, by choosing to marry on the top of Mount Reynolds in Montana's Glacier National Park. With backpacks and walking sticks, and a crowd of their closest friends and family in tow, the couple hiked up to the summit, where, after a quick costume change into a gown and suit, they tied the knot. The bride even tossed her bouquet off the side of the mountain before everyone hiked back down.

4. Hot Air Balloon Wedding

For the bride and groom that envision a very private and romantic wedding ceremony, opting to tie the knot high in the air is the way to go. One couple did just that, choosing the whoosh of the open flame propelling the balloon into the late summer sky instead of orchestral interludes, over Lake Geneva, Wis. They climbed into a wicker basket and waved adieu to friends and family, crying out, "We'll see you when we're married!"

5. Zero Gravity Wedding

It's one thing to have a childhood aspiration to become an astronaut. But, when that same boy grows up, dream still unfulfilled, and meets a girl with the same passion for space travel, what do they do for a wedding? Go weightless, as one New York couple recently did, spending $5,400 per person for themselves and 10 guests for eight minutes of weightlessness, and the title of the first couple to ever exchange vows while flipping and floating, free of gravity's pull.

6. Skydiving Wedding

As if walking down the aisle and saying "I do" to the one you are planning to spend the rest of your life with isn't thrilling enough, one California couple with a love for jumping out of planes tied the knot at 12,000 feet. Dressed in a bowtie and a white tank dress, the couple met up in free fall, holding hands and exchanging a kiss before releasing the chutes. But don't worry — no exchanging of rings took place in the air, lest the diamond bands fall out of one's hand. The marriage was made official once the couple landed safely near a gathering of friends and family.

7. Tandem Bungee Jump Wedding

One Italian couple redefined the traditional first dance, and a walk down the aisle, by waltzing straight off a bridge, bound to each other, and just a single bungee cord. With a veil affixed to the bride's hair and the groom looking dapper in a black ascot, the two took the literal plunge in 2008.

8. Mount Everest Wedding

If hiking up a mountain to your wedding isn't enough, strap on the mountaineering gear and make it official atop the highest peak in the world: Mount Everest. Two Nepalese climbers did just that in 2005, reaching the summit with 45 other expedition climbers for a 10-minute, oxygen mask-less ceremony, before dangerous conditions forced everyone to head back to a lower camp.

9. Skateboard Wedding


If you love your longboard just as much as your significant other, do as one Canadian couple did and opt to skate, instead of walk, down the aisle and into each other's arms. Of course, the first dance was also replaced by a joyride through an area skate park — their first ride as husband and wife.

10. Antarctica Wedding

Forget the beach. One couple with a love of adventure opted to exchange vows on the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on earth. Dressed in a floor-length, white fur coat, the bride met her groom atop an iceberg to tie the knot in front of the captain of their boat, Commitment, before sitting down to a fully catered meal, with a DJ to set the right mood, and humpback whales cresting nearby.