Queso from 10 Unhealthiest Super Bowl Snacks (Slideshow)

10 Unhealthiest Super Bowl Snacks (Slideshow)

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If there is one thing a  football fan needs on game-day is a bite of queso. This cheesy, spicy treat screams Sunday games, but also screams 40 calories per two tablespoons of dip. Considering it is physically impossible to limit one’s self to just one dip of queso, this snack could rack up quite a few calories quickly.

Alternative: Instead of zesty queso, try going for spicy hummus. While significantly different in taste you’ll still get the heat you crave and will like pair it with healthier options like cut vegetables,


Pigs in a Blanket

When game-day arrives there is nothing more iconic than a pig in a blanket. That delicious miniature hot dog may be worse for you than you think. Just one little cocktail size snack comes in at around 66 calories a serving,

Alternative: Instead of eating individual pigs in a blanket, try dicing up a full size hot dog and skewering the slices with dill pickle chips, tomatoes and cucumbers or any other healthy option that pairs well.

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Douse them in cheese, bathe them in bacon or simply salt them, french fries are a popular weakness among game-day grazers. Fries are a beloved treat but they are also a tad dangerous to your diet. Plain, home prepared fries could equal 82 calories per 10 fries.

Alternative: Though slightly less comfort-oriented, a great alternative to french fries are vegetable fries, like baked  zucchini fries that give you that crunch without the calories.



We are fairly certain that there isn’t a Super Bowl party in recorded history that didn’t have pizza present. But with one slice of cheese pizza amounting to around 168 calories, it isn’t exactly at the top of the healthy list.

Alternative: If you are in the camp that can’t live without pizza on game day, don’t fret. You can turn this into a slightly healthier one by homemaking it or swapping out dough for flatbread personal pizzas!


Potato Chips

We challenge you to find a party that is completely chip free- especially a Super Bowl one! It is a shame though, because just 1 ounce of chips (about 15) could be about 160 calories. And really, who can just eat 15 chips?

Alternative: A surprising alternative could be thinly sliced and baked apple chips to satisfy that need for a crunch. A more traditional option could be baked chips or sweet potato chips if you aren’t ready to steer completely clear of addictive snack.


Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are a must have at any Super Bowl party, but those fried and slathered pieces of chicken heaven could rack up a ton of calories quickly. Just 3 measly wings could be 180 calories which could quickly turn to a lot more since those wings can be a rather small treat!

Alternative: Instead of frying and slathering, try baking and dipping! You can control how much and what kind of condiment to accent your delicious chicken with and you can possibly indulge in a few more wings.


7-Layer Dip

The classic 7-layer dip recipe can include everything from beans to cheese to ground beef. Sure it is seriously flavorful, but only 1/4 cup of it will cost you 188 calories to the day and doesn’t even include the chip you dipped it in!

Alternative: It may not be oozing with cheese, but it is oozing with flavor. This simple 7-layer salad recipe requires little time and only a fork to eat it with!


Beef Sliders

While sliders with cheese are the perfect party foods, they can increase your calorie intake quickly. At 208 calories a pop, you would have to limit yourself to just one slider if you wanted to enjoy any of the other football fare.

Alternative: Instead of going all out with a beef and cheese slider, ditch the cheese and sub in a leaner meat like baked chicken for an equally tasty alternative

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Munchies are a must for any party, and hard pretzels make the perfect vessel for a variety of dips. Unfortunately, it also makes the perfect vessel for calories, as just 10 twists of a hard salted pretzel could cost you 228 calories!

Alternative: Pretzels aren’t all bad and don’t necessarily have to be sacrificed completely. Try finding whole grain pretzel options that are one 103 calories per 1 ounce or try choosing salt-free pretzels!



With layers of gooey cheese, spicy salsa and thick chunks of chicken, nachos are tough to resist. But even the plainest of nachos that just 6-8 involves chips and cheese can be a whopping 346 ​calories!

Alternative: It may not be as decadent, whole grain tortilla chips with roasted vegetables like onions and peppers with the feta cheese and greek yogurt jalapeno sauce could do the trick!

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