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10 Super-Cute Smash Cakes

These cakes made for 1-year-olds to smash on their first birthday are so adorable

It always used to be the case that at a first birthday party, the cake was reserved for the adults to eat while admiring the birthday baby, who wouldn’t normally be given more than a few bites of the cake. However, in the last few years, kids’ first birthday parties have changed drastically, and it’s all because of smash cakes: A cake baked just for the birthday boy or girl to destroy, eat, and play with (and in).

10 Super-Cute Smash Cakes (Slideshow)

Smash cakes are typically smaller than a standard birthday cake, and they do not act as a replacement for an actual birthday cake. Instead, first-birthday parties now have two cakes: The cake for adults to eat with a fork, accompanied by a glass of Champagne (of course), and the cake for the guest of honor to smash. Normally, the smash cake will be a smaller version of the main birthday cake, as obviously a baby isn’t going to eat an entire birthday cake on his or her own. But recently, the smash cakes have been getting bigger and more extravagant, as parents have realized that the more decadent the cake, the better the photos of this cake-smashing ceremony will be. And, of course, these cakes always have to be frosted, otherwise the adorable pictures just won’t be the same.

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Many bakeries are now selling smash cakes either as an individual item or as an accompaniment to a larger birthday cake, showing how seriously parents are taking this trend: They’re willing to pay for a beautiful crafted cake, just for it to be destroyed minutes later. Read on to see the 10  cutest smash cakes, perfect for your 1-year-old to dive straight into the magical world of birthday cake with.

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10 Super-Cute Smash Cakes