10 Sexy Halloween Costumes Slideshow

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1. Blake Lively’s Captain Costume

For the 2009 Svedka Vodka Halloween party, Lively disguised herself in an ink- black wig and captain-chic threads. Adorned with a sexy men's necktie, a mile-high skirt, and a cute cap to match, she was undoubtedly flying private. Interested in moonlighting as Lively's wingwoman? The sky's the limit on aviator-inspired uniforms, from sexy pilot, to Amelia Earhart, or your very own Top Gun flight dress.

2. Claus Hjelmbak’s X-Ray Costume

This man has a set of legs! Dressed in a hot pink wig and metallic strappy sandals, the Danish host of a Scandinavian Style Mansion Party, and past associate of Lindsay Lohan, flaunted his figure in this purple, X-ray dress at the HorrorJunkies.com 2010 red carpet party. Want to follow suit? Wear a skeleton blazer or X-ray dress instead.

5. Paris Hilton’s Sexy Jailbird Costume

Leave it to Paris to come up with the sexiest, delinquent costume she could find. Her ensemble for the 2007 Very Sexy Halloween Party in Las Vegas included a backless, striped number with "jail bait" printed on her derrière. We're confident few others wouldn't find this concept too close to home, as the appearance came shortly after her jailhouse stint earlier that year.

6. Sheryl Crow’s Sexy Cop Costume

Who says a cop can't show a little skin? At Bette Midler's 2007 Hulaween gala, the Grammy-award winning songstress did what most cops can't, opting for short shorts and fishnets to go along with her cap and badge.

7. Doug Reinhardt’s Tooth Fairy Costume

At Heidi Klum's 2009 Halloween bash, the former star of The Hills took the night off from placing quarters under the pillows of children, put on clean white knee socks, a tutu, and a headband to accompany his then-girlfriend Paris Hilton — and you can do the same, with this costume. We'd lose a tooth today just to have him come visit us.

9. Will Ferrell’s Megamind Costume

In 2010, the Megamind star might have spent just a little too much time on set getting into character, appearing larger than life (with a head nearly four times the size of his) in a body-hugging unitard. Feeling like a super-villain yourself? Dress up like Ferrell — just be sure that the ceilings are high, if you're headed out to party.

10. Petra Nemcova’s Cleopatra Costume

Model Petra Nemcova assumed the role of one of history's finest women, Cleopatra, at Roberto Cavalli and Giuseppe Cipriani's 2010 Halloween bash. While both women were gifted with natural beauty, we are certain the real Cleopatra exposed much less cleavage in her traditional robes. Nemcova's deep V-neck, cream-colored gown, with its thin gold bands at the bust and waist, make this the sexiest personification in history.

4. Al Roker’s Superman Costume

He delivers the weather and saves lives? Truly a superhero! Dressed in a body-hugging royal blue bodysuit, Superman's signature cape, and even with a head of hair to complete the look, Roker's 2010 get-up for NBC's The Today Show Halloween episode caught the eyes of damsels in distress everywhere — you can, too.

8. Brooke Burke’s Catwoman Costume

Meeoww! For a 2010 Halloween party, Brooke Burke embodied Catwoman, donning a patent leather body suit so close-fitting, it could have been lacquered to her skin. Are you in the cougar mood this season? Pounce on one of these feline costumes, and don't forget the four-inch stiletto heels and embellished eye mask with matching ears.

3. Tori Spelling’s Peacock Costume

Alongside husband Dean McDermott, and kids Liam and Stella, actress Tori Spelling attended the 2010 CAAF Dream Halloween party in LA as proud as a peacock. Her place in the pecking order was a metaphor on this night; while she mixed and mingled with celebrity comrades, dad McDermott played superhero to the kids. Enveloped in a multi-color feather tiered skirt and bustier, lots of eyelash extensions, and as much peacock blue as she could find, Tori's transformation was achieved with her own unique style.