10 Reasons We Love Ree Drummond's New Boarding House Hotel Gallery

10 Reasons We Love Ree Drummond's New Boarding House Hotel Gallery

For the past nine months, The Pioneer Woman, aka Ree Drummond, has been sharing the process of renovating a three-story 1920s building with her husband in the hopes of turning it into a hotel. Now it's finally here! The Boarding House, Drummond's absolutely adorable eight-room boutique hotel in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, opened for business April 12, and it looks gorgeous inside.

We can't stop thinking of reasons we love The Boarding House! For starters, it's located just three doors down from Drummond's famous Mercantile restaurant, and if we don't feel like getting out of bed, the hotel's room service menu is curated by Ree. Plus, all of the rooms feature chic décor, yet still have a comforting vibe just like The Pioneer Woman herself.

Drummond's boutique Pawhuska inn did sell out of its rooms for the next sixth months (in about 30 minutes, according to People) but that won't stop us from dreaming about all the sweet little touches, cool themes, and awesome bathtubs that await us once we're able to secure a room! 

10. Every Room Has a Different Theme

Pictured is the stunning Boudoir, easily the most opulent-looking room in The Boarding House. Other themed rooms include the Prairie Room, the Drugstore Room, the Tack Room (which is all about horses), the Ranch Room, the Photography Room, the Butterfly Room, and the Emerald Room.

9. There Are Thoughtful Little Touches Everywhere

In the butterfly room — a room Drummond has mentioned on her Instagram she would love to move into — there are pretty little pictures, candles, flowers, and additional touches that really evoke the room's theme. Guests who stay at The Boarding House can find other on-theme homey touches such as rugs with a hand-woven look, vintage books, steer horns, animal hide rugs, and pretty vases in all of the rooms. Minimalism who?

8. She Totally Made Use of That Restored Drugstore Mural

While Ree blogged about renovating the three-story 1920s building, Drummond's husband Ladd (and his team) unearthed a vintage advertising mural for Puryear's Drugstore on one of the walls. It is now fully fixed up as the focal point of the Drugstore Room, and it looks incredible!

7. The Drugstore Room Has Candy!!

No word yet on whether or not it's a minibar charge to indulge in the peppermints, Pixy Stix, taffy, or lollipops in the jars of the Drugstore Room. But according to Today, Boarding House marketing director Gerald Buckley says that they've outfitted the hotel with every amenity you can think of. Free candy? Don't mind if we do.

6. The Bathtubs

There are few things as luxurious as taking a bath in a clawfoot tub. They are at once both vintage-feeling and glamorous, much like The Boarding House itself! Can't you just imagine yourself enjoying a glass of The Boarding House's complimentary wine and some cheese while having a soak? Luxury!!!

5. The Bathrooms

Half the reason we want to spend our time soaking in one of The Boarding House's clawfoot tubs is so that we can admire the bathrooms. The Emerald Room has a particularly stunning bathroom, outfitted with jewel-toned tiles on the walls and black and white tiling on the floors.

4. We Can Finally Live Like The Pioneer Woman

Every time we've ever read The Pioneer Woman blog or flipped through one of her cookbooks, we've thought, "We wish we could live like Ree." Now thanks to The Boarding House, we pretty much can. Her personal style and effortless country glamour fill such rooms as the glowing Emerald Room, the seductive Boudoir, the tiny Prairie Room, the artsy Photography Room, and the pretty Butterfly Room.

3. Getting a Chance to See Ree’s Photography IRL

"Somehow I get to claim The Photography Room," Drummond shared on her blog. "Which started out being called The Black & White Room until I ran out of black and white photos and had to hang a few color ones."

2. Rooms Are Inspired by Her Family

Several of the eight charming suites are inspired by Drummond's husband Ladd's "cowboy luxury" aesthetic. The Tack Room, which is all about horses and is outfitted with photos of horses as well as animal print rugs and pillows, is inspired by Ree's lovely "Marlboro Man."

1. The Room Service Menu Is Curated by Ree

If you're too in love with your room to walk the three doors down to The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile for a bite to eat, you can order up room service. Room service at The Boarding House has breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus all curated by Ree, and it sounds delicious. We'd love a bite of Edna Mae's pancakes, or the fried chicken sandwich! Can't book a room just yet? Eat well elsewhere with the best food and drink in Oklahoma.