10 Reasons to Entertain at Home Slideshow

Save money and get a head start on spring cleaning by keeping the party at home

No Driver Required

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The coolest thing about having a party at home is that it eliminates the need for a designated driver. No matter where else you go, if you're drinking, you need to find a way to get home safely. Whether you rotate through your friends or take an expensive cab service, travel time and safety worries always come into play. Staying at home and sampling wine or your favorite spiked seasonal drinks to your heart's (and liver's) content will be stress and travel free.

Head Start on Spring Cleaning


A winter party does more than break up the monotony of those long winter nights — it also gives you a great excuse to clean up and organize after the holiday rush. Cleaning out your fridge or organizing (and re-stocking) your cabinets not only makes your house party ready, it also makes it feel fresh and reduces stress. 

Saves Money


You begin your evening shelling out to your cabbie or parking attendant. Then, should your stomach start to grumble, you put out a few bucks more for food, and since when are shots $7? "Why go out when I have a couple of bottles at home," you suddenly think.

Though your pockets are singed from the holidays, your inner partier needs to do something — hosting your own shindig is the perfect solution. Going potluck with food or booze cuts expenses in half. Keeping an arsenal of multipurpose decorations and a relaxed menu are just some of the ways you can throw a fun party without breaking the bank.

Attire Is Casual

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Keep the stuffy shirts and the gorgeous gowns in the closet. You just spent the whole holiday season dressing up and looking your best, so for a winter stay-at-home bash, you can demand the attire to be so casual that guests must come in their sweatpants or even their favorite pair of pajamas. Your party attendees will appreciate not having to decode the dress code and the chance spend a cozy evening in on a chilly winter night.

You Make the Rules

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The concept of a "key-master," à la the loveable character of Lloyd Dobbs in Say Anything, can make a triumphant return. As the master of the house, you can control who you're dining with, when the party is over, and who capable of driving home.

There Is No Limit to Creativity


When out at a bar or a public party space, there is plenty of room to eat exciting new dishes and meet new people, but there is a limitation on the creative fun you can have. At home, however, there is no limit to the silliness factor of your party theme (or your guests' attire). Whether you love super heroesislands where the sun always shines, or are looking for an aprés ski scene (without packing your snowsuit), hosting a themed bash brings the funk out of everyone.

You Can Show Off

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If you're constantly running out to the newest bar or reserving a party space at a hall, how will you ever get a chance to show off your excellent hosting skills? This winter, impress guests by pulling out all the stops. You can let your true colors shine through handcrafted centerpieces, decadent menus, and fantastic games for all to enjoy.

The Company Is Good

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Have you ever gone out to dinner and been seated near the guy who chews with his mouth open or the obviously intoxicated hot mess who keeps falling all over you and your friends? The best way to avoid unsavory characters is to host a gathering where only your loved ones are welcome. Hosting a party is a great way of saying "thanks" to those who you care for.

Makes Spending Time with Family Easy


American PieHome Alone10 Things I Hate About You. What do these things have in common? No parents. Getting to stay home and party not only saves you time and money — it might save your home. Keeping a watchful eye on the kids (young or old), is an added bonus to throwing a bash at home. Or make the party all about the kids and invite over the neighbors for make-your-own-pizza night and a movie or board game.

You Are Your Own DJ

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Nothing is worse to a hip-hop fan than being forced to listen to country music, or vice versa. Getting to create your own playlist, be it for a romantic dinner date for two, or a cocktail party inspired by the sounds and flavors of Barcelona, is a great reason to stay home and celebrate.