10 Low-Calorie Cocktails To Serve For A Father's Day Brunch

This version cuts the cognac by half and adds flavor-enhancing fresh lemon juice.


For fans of the fresh and tangy, the greyhound is a perfect choice.

Light Cosmo

A cosmopolitan is a classic cocktail to serve before or during dinner. With just one ounce of vodka, it's light enough to help you last the day.

Low-Calorie Red Wine Spritzer

Wine enthusiasts, fear not! You can still enjoy all of the health benefits while minding your calories.

Minibar Cider Sangria

The delicious concoction was created by Minibar cofounders Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal for guests looking to sip a lighter cocktail that doesn't compromise on flavor.

The Bluegrass Cocktail

Both tangy and sweet, blueberries are an ideal staple for transforming any cocktail without extra servings of sugar, which is why libationist Joyce Garrison's Bluegrass, made especially for W Austin, is the perfect pick for a low-calorie cocktail to savor.

The Shiso Slim Cocktail

This sparkling skinny cocktail shakes things up with lemon-infused vodka for a hint of zest, a touch of St. Germain liqueur for white elderflower fragrance, tangy grapefruit juice, and shiso leaves for a faint whisper of basil.

The Tomato Basil Martini

Meet the smoky yet velvety smooth Tomato Basil Martini, a powerful libation made with only the finest herbs and spices.

The Watermelon Fizz

This diet-friendly concoction's primary ingredient is bone-chilling, smooth-as-silk tequila, ensuring even the most skeptical social drinker that watermelons can be savored any time of the year — especially when good old fashioned alcohol is involved.

The Wild Rocket Cocktail

If you really want to go green with your cocktails this year, we suggest picking out not overly talked-about kale, but wild arugula (known as rocket in the UK).