10 Kitchen Items You Can Turn Into a Chalkboard

DIY projects that will reboot your kitchen


Adorably useful, chalkboard coasters are great for accenting your table, or can serve as a great addition into a wine gift basket. Hosting events like tea parties will be a breeze now that you can label every kind of tea to your guests’ delight!

Cheese Boards

Why, oh why has no one thought of this sooner? Placing cheese on a slab of slate and marking down what type of cheese will save cheese snobs tons of heartache. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun artfully placing and labeling cheese types

Herb Pots

Clay pots scattered around your kitchen for herbs can look kind of drab. However, add a little chalkboard paint to them and suddenly they become 

beautiful and functional. You can label and reuse your chalkboard pots as the seasons change.

Serving Trays

For the holidays, refurbishing old serving trays could end up being quite useful. Whatever appetizers or desserts you're serving can be identified and changed as you reload throughout the party. Your guests will not only be impressed with your homemade treasure, they’ll love knowing how to navigate your sea of dips and spreads!

Place Settings

Every hostess’ nightmare is the nebulous world of seating arrangements. Buying or creating new ways to integrate them with the event’s theme can be time-consuming and expensive. With homemade chalkboard place settings,  you can reuse and recycle for every event.


We all have a favorite set of glass canisters on our countertops. But when you’re trying to fly through a recipe, having beautiful but unmarked canisters isn’t very helpful. Artfully stenciling a chalkboard label or just covering your jar in the versatile paint will make organizing and cooking a breeze!


Dry-erase-board grocery lists will be a thing of the past once you refurbish your refrigerator in chalkboard paint. It's perfect for fridges that are a little past their glory days; brush on a few coats of chalkboard paint and you’ll have the perfect place for the family to leave notes, make lists, and write fun messages to each other. 

Coffee Mugs

Functionality wise, chalkboard paint won’t do much to enhance your day-to-day living. But will it present an opportunity for some entertaining fun? You bet! Dip the bottom of your plain mugs in chalkboard paint. Invite your guests over for coffee and write fun messages on the bottom. Don’t be too witty, though — or you’ll be wearing more coffee than you are drinking.

Wine Glasses

Wine tags are adorable, but you can’t promise that your guests won’t lose them or forget which charm they were assigned. For casual wine parties, put out glasses with chalkboard-painted bases. Friends will love having their owner personalized glass, and as the night goes on (and they get ever more tipsy), writing all over each other’s glasses.


So slapping paint on your finer furniture may be a little extreme, but your wooden basement bar  or the kid’s snack table would be another great project to tackle. Kids and adults who've had a few too many drinks alike will love scribbling while they hang out, playing games of tic-tac-toe and doodling.