10 Halloween Food Pranks

Just leave them anywhere under door mats, in your dads slipper, in the panel of a closed door. Warning for kids: this one may get you grounded for about a week.

Caramel Apples — Not

This is the meanest dip onions in caramel, stick a stick in the center as you would with an apple, and pass them out as you would caramel apples. What a terrible, terrible prank and just asking for indigestion.

Plastic Forks

When your parents go to sleep at night, dig as many plastic forks in the ground as possible, making it a sea of white. When they wake up, they will not be happy. Voil! An easy and affordable prank.

Creepy Cooler

If youre having a Halloween party, place a cooler filled with beverages near the food. But heres the kicker: on the bottom of the cooler, under the ice and everything else, place fake spiders, worms, and snakes so that when friends blindly reach for a beer, theyre met with an unexpected surprise.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Seems harmless, right? Wrong. If youre really into freaking your friends out and have the nerve to do it, serve chocolate-covered worms at your party for dessert. They look like pretzel sticks an unfortunate coincidence for your guests.

Spaghetti and Eyeballs

In a dish of pasta, among the meatballs in your dish, place a few fake eyeballs from the costume store. The frightening effect especially with the red tomato sauce will make for a "bloody" fake out.

Popcorn Balls

If you need a party favor really fast and want to have a laugh at the expense of your pals, roll up toilet paper in aluminum foil and hand it out as popcorn balls. Guests will get excited to snack on the ride home until theyre not.

Healthy Trick-or-Treating

This works best on younger kids. When they ring your doorbell, play the actor and say, "Oh, I must have forgotten to pick up candy hold on one second." Return with random vegetables or fruits like potatoes, a celery stick, or an onion, and see how fast their faces drop! Give them candy afterward for being a good sport.

Pull a Jimmy Kimmel

Tell your kids you ate all of their Halloween candy. Things will get really ugly, really fast. Don't believe us? Watch this.