10 Gorgeous Vintage Wedding Cakes (Slideshow)

Travel back in time and see what brides of yesteryear served on their big day


When Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Prince Henry tied the knot in a royal way on Feb. 7, 1901, the grandeur of their affair was only enhanced by this gorgeous cake. Two tiers sit below an overflowing flower vase, complete with a frilly lace trim.  


Wikimedia/John Oxley Library

Considered a traditional cake, this masterpiece was made and iced by Mrs. Geddes of Highgate Hill for Arthur and May Ollenburg’s wedding. The cake is adorned with multiple layers of  ruffled icing, a trend that we are still seeing today. 


This newlywed couple was surrounded by love and good food in this beautiful photo. Their wedding cake, which was done in a two-tier floral style, has an interesting monogrammed cake topper that really sets this cake apart from others in its time period.



Though we cannot get a full view of this grandiose cake, King Farouk I and Queen Farida of Egypt had an unbelievable multi-tiered, blinged-out cake that really was the star of the show (well, aside from the bride of course).


Wikimedia/John Oxley Library

The happy couple pictured have a reason to smile — just look at that cake! Almost with a Victorian style, this wedding cake has three gorgeous tiers and draping flowers over them as a unique wedding cake "topper."


In a time when war coupons could barely buy you a loaf of bread, this cake would have seemed just as glamorous as any of the other confections on this list. Lieutenant Robert Antony (Tony) Evelyn Cansdale and his new bride, Lena Cohn, cut their wedding cake with his ceremonial sword in Haifa, Palestine, after he met her while on tour. 


These wedding cakes are twice as nice. Though we doubt a modern bride would be as quick to share her big day, it is nice to see that both of these beautiful brides got their own gorgeous cake. 


Though the cake may be smallish, you can tell it didn’t faze Sergeant G. C. McCaughey (of the Britcom Laundry Unit) and his bride Fumiko Isumizawa on their wedding day. After all, the piece is a small beauty with intricate details and an interesting accent of what appears to be pine needles. 


Even in the '50s, couples were serving cake with their own sense of style. At the wedding of Beryl Olwen Smith and Harry Evans, a three-tiered cake was served with small horseshoe and leaf embellishments and a miniature vase as a topper.


Wikimedia/ NeilPick

England's Princess Alexandra's wedding cake, made by Andrew Davidson, was for all intents and purposes a truly regal cake. It towered over guests, and every layer is embellished with fine detail to honor a royal family.