10 Fairytale-Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

Before you start planning your wedding, try to imagine how time-consuming, energy-draining, and all-encompassing this project will be. It's not just a matter of deciding on the venue, finding a catering company, and choosing the perfect dress. There are so many small details, which seem so minor, but suddenly become incredibly important, and you simply have to make sure they are totally perfect. Choosing the cake topper for your wedding cake is one example of a small but — all of a sudden — incredibly significant decision.

Alice in Wonderland

If your wedding is going to be a magical, whimsical affair, transform your wedding reception into a colorful, crazy Mad Hatter's tea party, and top your cake with these Alice in Wonderland-inspired silhouettes.

Beauty and the Beast

For the most wonderfully romantic couples, there's not a more suitable representation of their ever-lasting love than figurines of Belle and the gentlemanly, kind-hearted Beast.


If you're a dreamy romantic who believes in love at first sight, then obviously Cinderella and Prince Charming need to sit atop your wedding cake at your timelessly elegant reception.

Happily Ever After

For those of you who have met your Prince Charming and believe that your life from here on out will be a fairytale come true, this is the wedding cake topper for you.

Little Mermaid

For the bride and groom who have fallen in love and defied everything in their way to finally marry, and who also happen to be celebrating their wedding by the sea, these Ariel and Prince Eric cake toppers couldn't be more perfect. 

Peter Pan

If you and your spouse-to-be really are children at heart, and, even though you're getting married, will always refuse to actually grow up, then Peter Pan-themed cake toppers would appear to be ideal.


Whether the bride has long, flowing, golden hair or not, this cake topper of Rapunzel and her enamored prince is made for the couple who have conquered everything to be together.

Sleeping Beauty

We're not sure there's a fairytale more romantic than the story of Sleeping Beauty and her life-saving prince, so for those of you who believe in sweepingly romantic fairytales, this cake topper is perfect for you.

Snow White

If the engaged couple's relationship began with a life-changing moment of love at first sight, then there is no cake topper more appropriate than these Snow White figurines.

The Princess and the Frog

For the most beautiful couple, both inside and out, this figurine, which depicts the Princess kissing the frog, transforming him into a handsome Prince, is wonderfully fitting.