10 Essential Life Tips From Martha Stewart Slideshow

In the course of her 30-plus years as an entertainer and businesswoman, Stewart has picked up quite a bit of valuable experience which she shares with the masses. Stewart has a say on everything from how to pick yourself up by the bootstraps when maybe your pie isn't perfect, to the types of people you should surround yourself with, to the one ingredient no cook should ever have in their kitchen. And is there anyone more qualified to offer advice than her? We're not so sure there is.

Always Do Things Yourself

"I say, 'You own it if you made it.' You don't own the pie if you buy it. You just don't. Doing projects really gives people self-confidence. Nothing is better than taking the pie out of the oven. What it does for you personally, and for your family's idea of you, is something you can't buy."

Become a Good Person First, and a Successful One Second

"The ultimate goal is to be an interesting, useful, wholesome person. If you're successful on top of that, then you're way ahead of everybody."

Be Open to New Techniques and Advice

"You have to be open to change. I never stop making sure that what I say is the best of what could be said about a particular thing. It's a constant evolution. If I planted a tree one way yesterday and somebody tells me of a better way to plant a tree, I think, 'You know, they're right, that's better.' Then I change my way to accommodate the new way of planting trees."

Even If Something Isn’t Perfect, You Can Make It Work

"So the pie isn't perfect? Cut it into wedges. Stay in control, and never panic."

Keep Your Entertaining Simple and Guest-Focused

Her top three tips for being a perfect host? "1. Pay attention to your guests. 2. Interact with them. 3. Feed them fine food and wine."

If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Anything at All

"I learned many years ago never to criticize, only compliment. Even if their home is horrifyingly awful."

Invest in Yourself and Your Passions

"Once you realize that you have identified a passion, invest in yourself. Figure out what you need to know, what kind of experience and expertise you need to develop to do the things that you feel in your heart you will enjoy and that will sustain you both mentally and economically."

Stay Away From Truffle Oil… Seriously, You Don’t Need It

"I think truffle oil is one of the few ingredients that doesn't belong in anyone's kitchen. It is ruinous of most recipes."

Surround Yourself With Enthusiastic, Interesting People to Help Keep Inspired

"I try to seek out and surround myself with people who just percolate fresh, original, and creative ideas."

Take Your Job Seriously

"I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire. There's no difference in how seriously you take the job, how seriously you approach your whole life."