10 DIY Wedding Food Stations (Slide Show)

What's better than waffles for a wedding brunch? Supply a waffle iron and some batter so that guests can cook their own, and set out a variety of tasty toppings for guests to pile on top. Sliced fruit and yogurt make a fresh combo for a spring or summer breakfast, or let guests choose between a variety of fruit compotes. You could go classic with a selection of chopped nuts and flavored syrups, or change things up with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and maraschino cherries to serve waffles for dessert! Check out our collection of waffle recipes for inspiration. 

Biscuit Bar

For another brunch alternative, nothing says "Southern charm" like a biscuit bar. Set out warm biscuits and let your guests spread a variety of flavor-infused butters on top: cinnamon butter, butter with brown sugar, and lemon butter are some good bets. Arrange a variety of honeys to pour on top of the biscuits. Include honey varieties local to your hometown to add a personal touch to the experience. For a savory alternative, bake up some Cheddar biscuits and give guests the option of garlic-infused butter or a gooey cheese sauce. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

Keep guests warm at your winter wedding with a hot chocolate bar. Fill a couple of large thermoses with a variety of hot chocolate recipes, like creamy milk chocolate, devilish dark chocolate, dreamy white cocoa, and even spicy Aztec mocha with a cayenne pepper kick. Set out whipped cream and bowls of fancy mix-ins like chocolate shavings, cinnamon sticks, or candy canes for a holiday twist. Marshmallows are a must, and you can find delicious gourmet flavor varieties from artisans like Plush Puffs, or make your own!

Crostini Bar

A build-your-own crostini bar adds a classy-yet-fun touch to your wedding's cocktail hour, with virtually no specialized equipment required. Provide a single base, like toasted baguette slices, and mix it up with spreads and sprinklings. Your crostini buffet can be a one-stop-shop for savory and sweet combinations like cream cheese with lox, goat cheese with marmalade, mozzarella with tomato and basil, mascarpone with strawberries, or ricotta with blueberry and honey. Our collection of the best crostini recipes will inspire you with just a few of the endless possibilities for this flexible appetizer.

Fondue Bar

If you have fondue pots and long-stemmed forks on hand, a selection of fondues could add some groovy mid-century style to your cocktail hour. For savory options, choose classic Swiss cheese dips based on Gruyère or Emmental, or Appenzeller and bread cubes, tomato, or mushroom for dipping. For dessert, serve a chocolate-based fondue with cake cubes or fruit for dipping. Try this Himalayan Salt Bowl Chocolate Fondue for a delectable combination of salty and sweet. To add an extra "wow!" factor, serve fondue dips from fountains instead of pots. You can find fountains for around $30 at various retailers like Walmart

Taco Bar

Transform your wedding dinner into a festive fiesta with a taco bar! A great taco always starts with a base filling, like ground beef, spicy shredded chicken, pork carnitas, or even grilled vegetables. Add a creamy topping like guacamole or sour cream. Classic red salsa or salsa verde will add a little spice. Add some crunch with lettuce, and finish with some flavorful sprinklings like black olives, diced tomato, and a choice of shredded cheeses. Don't forget to provide both hard and soft shells to contain all the deliciousness!

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food for a casual wedding-day lunch. Provide a choice of sliced bread like the classic white, wheat, and rye, or get fancy with herbed focaccia and crusty ciabatta. Cheeses like Cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella, or provolone provide a melty base. Mix-ins like pickles, pepperoni, ham, or sliced tomato and basil will add character, and a tabletop electric grill or panini press will meld it all together. Our guide on How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese rounds up a few fun combinations to fill the classic sandwich. 

S'mores Bar

Transport your guests back to their childhoods with a s'mores bar. The only equipment you need is skewers and an open flame: Sterno for indoor celebrations, or a cozy campfire for an outdoor party. Provide graham crackers and a variety of chocolates: milk, dark, and white. You can provide homemade flavored marshmallows using this recipe as a base, or check out our roundup of creative ways to serve this classic campfire treat.

Ice Cream Bar

I scream, you scream, your guests will scream for ice cream! It's the perfect way to cool off during a summer wedding's cocktail hour, or to cap off the evening with a late-night dessert. Treat your guests to a selection of your favorite frozen confections: there's an ice cream flavor for every taste. Don't forget to include the classics, like chocolate and vanilla. Toppings like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, chopped nuts, sprinkles, and maraschino cherries will sweeten the deal.

Candy Apple Bar

A make-your-own candy apple bar will be a sweet surprise for guests at your fall wedding. Insert wooden sticks into apples and let your guests coat them in gooey caramel or melted chocolate. Chopped nuts make a classic coating for caramel apples, but you can also add about candy bits or shredded coconut. We've got you covered with our Ultimate Guide to Candy Apples, and our Guide to Making Candy Apples at Home.