10 Biggest Celebrity Food Stories Of 2017 Slideshow

10 Biggest Celebrity Food Stories of 2017

The intersection between pop culture and food is undeniable. Not only do the year's flashiest award shows and events necessitate lavish menus and accompanying parties at homes across the country (think of the Oscars), but in most cases, stars are just like you and me. They love food.

So as we looked back at 2017, we combed through our most-read celebrity food news stories. And here they are to relive the good times and the bad.

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Menu

The year kicked off with one of the biggest celebrity food news stories: Donald Trump's inauguration menu. What did he eat? Maine lobster and gulf shrimp served with saffron sauce and peanut crumble; Angus beef with dark chocolate and juniper jus; and chocolate soufflé with cherry vanilla ice cream. All year, Trump made the news thanks to his peculiar dining habits. His diet was said to make him moody, and we can see why. These are his favorite foods, after all.

The Hello Kitty Spam Kit Returned

OK, Hello Kitty may not be your traditional celebrity, but when this Sanrio character's Spam kit hit store shelves, our readers freaked out. And we see why! This kit allowed you to make your own Hello Kitty-shaped Spam Musubi, a popular Hawaiian snack consisting of a slice of Spam on shaped rice, in a matter of minutes. And it's so cute!

The Queen of England Drinks Champagne Every Day

Oh, the royal family. They're just like us! In March, news broke that Queen Elizabeth will drink at least one glass of Champagne every day. But that's only one of her favorite drinks: She also enjoys Dubonnet and gin, plenty of tea, and these eight other beverages.

‘Man v. Food’ Returned… Without Adam Richman

Good news: Travel Channel's hit show Man v. Food returned to our TV screens and our hearts in August. Bad news: The show's original, beloved host Adam Richman was out. After some controversies and worries about his health, Richman went on to other projects and left Man v. Food. It returned with new host Casey Webb, and the internet was not a fan of the change.

Chef Jamie Oliver Aids Grenfell Tower Fire Victims in London

After a deadly fire broke out in a high-rise apartment building in West London this summer, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver sprung to the rescue. He offered to provide food, water, and shelter at his restaurant Jamie's Italian in Westfield to the hundreds of affected families.

Celebrity Chef Darren Simpson Dies in Australia

Darren Simpson, an Irish celebrity chef based in Australia, died after a long battle with alcohol addiction and related illness. He is believed to have suffered a fatal heart attack in a hospital on June 21. He had recently been attempting rehabilitation in a clinic near his home in Byron Bay on Australia's east coast.

Mary Valastro, Mom of ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro, Passes Away

After a lengthy battle with ALS, Mary Valastro passed away on June 22. Her son, "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro, paid a sweet tribute to Mama on Instagram, assuring his fans that she was dancing away to "I Will Survive" with his father, Bartolo Valastro, Sr.

Jonah Hill Got Buff

Throughout his career in Hollywood, actor Jonah Hill's weight has fluctuated quite a bit. But in July, he reemerged with his most fit body yet. How did he do it? With some help from his buddy Channing Tatum, of course. His journey is just one of our favorite celebrity weight loss stories.

Beyoncé’s Over-the-Top $3,500 Birthday Cake

There's no denying that Beyoncé is true American royalty, and her lavish birthday cake was fit for a queen. Her $3,500, three-layer birthday treat comprised three tiers of honey lavender cake decorated with black and yellow frosting as well as edible sugar crystals to give it the look of a geode. It was accompanied by two additional cakes and cookies shaped like beehives and golden crowns, so Bey was not wanting for dessert on her big day.

The Anniversary of Princess Diana’s Death and Final Meal

August 31, 2017, marked the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic death at the age of 36. The anniversary led to a renewed interest Diana's final meal. What did she eat? Dover sole, vegetable tempura, and a mushroom and asparagus omelette at the restaurant L'Espadon at the Ritz Paris. For this and more final meals, check out our roundup of last meals of 22 famous people.