10 Biggest Celebrity Food Stories of 2017

Our most-read food stories starring some famous faces
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Left: Dreamstime; Right: Joel Rouse/Ministry of Defence/Wikimedia Commons

Reading the daily news is a lot more fun when it's about celebrities.

The intersection between pop culture and food is undeniable. Not only do the year’s flashiest award shows and events necessitate lavish menus and accompanying parties at homes across the country (think of the Oscars), but in most cases, stars are just like you and me. They love food.

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2017 was a bumpy year in general, and the food celebrity world was no exception. There were multiple big-name deaths, such as Mary Valastro and Australian celebrity chef Darren Simpson. But amidst those sad celebrity stories, others offered hope — as when celebrity chef Jamie Oliver offered his restaurant to help victims of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London.

But not every big food story was rooted in tragedy. There’s some fun in the world too! Hello Kitty and Beyoncé brought joy to millions with a kitschy Spam meal kit and a lavish birthday cake, respectively.

So as we looked back at 2017, we combed through our most-read celebrity food news stories. And here they are to relive the good times and the bad.