Entertain Power Panel of Experts: Signature Appetizers

Our stellar panel shares which go-to dishes work for them every time when hosting a party

Learn from the pros on how to find your own signature appetizer.

When it comes to hosting a party, whether big or small, it’s important to start with a bang.Sure, it’s always a goal to be consistent throughout the night if you’re serving multiple courses at your event, but stunning your guests with a stellar starter or two goes a long way.

Take a Cue From These Event Pros On What Appetizers to Serve!

The only tricky thing is figuring out which appetizer is your signature, the one you know your guests will always expect when they come to your home.

For our Power Panel of Experts’ inaugural post we thought to start with a bang as well. They're sharing a plethora of signature appetizers that have proven successful, whether at events they’ve planned or at ones they've held in their own homes, so you’ll have a serious collection of appetizers to choose from when planning your bash. On this list you’ll see tried-and-true classics, original ideas, and twists on traditional dishes from our collective.


Create a killer shrimp cocktail or add a trio of dipping sauces to everyone’s beloved favorite pigs in a blanket, serve a selection of various crostini, or simply offer a perfect summer Caprese salad. Whatever it is, do it well. So well that it becomes your signature. Take a cue from our amazing panel and stay tuned for more tips and suggestions on how to plan and host wisely.