The End of the World Is Near: The Last Margarita (and Other Drinks) You'll Ever Need

Consider this your 'bucket list' of drinks to sip before the world ends

The drinks you need to have before the world ends.

Yep, it's over, guys. And if you're going to believe the hype that the world is actually ending today, we recommend the ultimate bucket list of drinks — aka, the last margarita, cocktail, and boozy-happiness you'll need to get through the end times. 

Our suggestions of the last drinks you should ever have: 

The Last Margarita Recipe You'll Ever Need. Period.: Beacuse it's that good.

The Pisco Sour: Because you should enjoy one last classic cocktail. 

The Liquid Sunshine Cocktail: Because, well, we'll all be turned into liquid sunshine in the apocalypse, right? 

The Last Fling Cocktail: This should be a no-brainer, right? 

The Diamond is Forever Cocktail: Because you clearly don't need a savings account for the end of the world, so you might as well blow your hard-earned cash on a $22,000 cocktail. 

The most expensive Scotch, whiskey, and champagne you have. We'll take Islay's oldest single malt scotch; or that same $125,000 champagne that Usain Bolt got after winning the gold medal. 


Actually, scratch that: just open all the booze you might have in the house.