Egg Russian Roulette Is The Best, Most Terrifying Game Ever

We fully stand by our opinion that Danger Can is the stupidest game in existence (and a waste of good beer), but Egg Russian Roulette might be up there in games that are awesome. Luckily, here we have Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon to participate, making this the most hilarious game ever because, well, it's Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon.

The premise: Out of a dozen eggs, eight of them are hardboiled. The remaining four, however, are raw. You grab one random one and smash it against your head; the person who gets two raw eggs first loses. Yes, it's five minutes of two grown men smashing eggs on their heads, yes, it's a little silly, but watching the expressions of Meyers and Fallon is nevertheless entertaining. Watch the action (and suspense) below, complete with terrible egg-filled puns. Sample: "Like a good detective this is hard-boiled," and "the yolk's on you." "The craziest thing about this is breaking an egg on your head and continuing to do what you're doing," Meyers says. We agree, but it's for entertainment purposes.