Edible Cinema: Movie Recipe Ideas

There is an article in The Guardian about what may be a new trend in film-watching: edible cinema. The article titled, "Is Edible Cinema a Tasty New Way to Enjoy Films," chats about how a sold out night of entertainment at Electric Cinema in London involved a screening of the film Pan's Labyrinth and movie-inspired eats served throughout the film. For example, when the main characters traveled through the woods, pine-scented popcorn and napkins were passed out.

The idea is that the food actually enhances the movie-watching process by making it a total sensory experience through taste, touch and aroma. The viewer may actually pick up less obvious notes and accents from the film or feel connected to the scene in a whole new way. Some may argue that this may be distracting, but I totally love this idea – so here are a few of my recipe/flick ideas for how you could have your own edible cinema night at home.

— kathypatalsky, Babble


Twilight Blood Orange Drinks

A deep red-colored, blood orange beverage is the perfect way to enhance your favorite Twilight Saga flick. Pass around these ginger-infused fizzy citrus spritzers and call them the "Cullen Special." You could also use cranberry or pomegranate juices.

Make a Fizzy Blood Orange Drink, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.


Titanic Dinner Roll

During the dinner party scene of Titanic – when Jack feasts with Rose's group – he chomps down on a fluffy white dinner roll as he speaks. As the scene is playing, you could pass out freshly baked rolls or biscuits and join the dinner scene.

Make vegan biscuits, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.


Pirates Coconut Oil Popcorn

Pirates of the Caribbean movies would be enhanced by serving up some coconut oil popped popcorn with an island-inspired aroma filling the house. Toss warm popcorn in some coconut flakes for extra coconut-y appeal.

Make coconut oil popcorn.


The Santa Clause Cocoa

Remember that scene in Disney's The Santa Clause when the girl elf makes Scott and Charlie her secret blend of North Pole cocoa? Well you may not have the exact "secret recipe" but you could pass around some of your favorite cocoa. Turn the temperature down – to mimic the 'warm cocoa in a cold place' feel. My favorite homemade cocoa is this dark minty blend with creamy whip on top.

Make Minty Cocoa, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.


Dirty Dancing Watermelon Frosty

The famous line in Dirty Dancing, "I carried a watermelon," could be easily enhanced by serving these frosty watermelon frosty bevies during that scene. This would be a fun flick for an 80's movie date night.

Make a Watermelon Frosty, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.


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