Eco-Friendly Table Settings

Green Bride Guide's Kate Harrison talks eco-friendly table settings

All throughout my wedding planning I obsessed about table settings. I kept thinking about how much time my guests would spend looking at their tables. I wanted each setting to be perfectly put-together and unique, but I also wanted the whole room to feel put-together. My first few attempts were utter failures. My DIY recycled paper flowers were too garish. My sequin napkins were too sparkly. I probably set up 18 different table settings at home before I really fell in love with one. I tried to incorporate as many eco-friendly elements as possible into my settings, from the plantable place cards to the living terrarium centerpieces. I wish I’d thought of this canned vegetable idea! 

Vegetables in Cans

Colorful or vintage food cans add some kitschy retro charm to any wedding. Fill them with some dirt and seeds and watch them grow! Then put a canned plant at each table setting as a favor for your guests. You can even use the mini plants as place cards; just write the names on wooden gardening tags. Living plants are far eco-friendlier than cut flowers. If you plant vegetables or berries, guests can transplant them into their home gardens as a constant (and healthy!) reminder of your wedding. Save cans as you use them or search for some at your local antique store. It’s okay if you end up buying food just for the cans! Your costs will still be low for this great eco-friendly décor. 

Recycled Silverware

Silverware is usually relatively eco-friendly, assuming it’s not disposable. Still, there’s something charming and cozy about using mismatched recycled silverware, especially if you engrave a piece for each guest with the date of your wedding. If you’re getting married outside and don’t have a caterer, buying a large set of matching silverware can be extremely expensive. Look for interesting silverware at thrift and antique stores.

Mismatched Vintage Napkins and Tablecloths 

I am a sucker for pretty vintage table linens. I have a whole trunk full of them! Cloth napkins typically aren’t eco-friendly unless they’re made from sustainable or recycled materials. Buying new eco-friendly linens can be pricey; go vintage instead. There is no rule that says your table settings have to be the same. In fact, if you get linens in muted colors and opt for a laid-back country-kitchen table setting, the look will only be enhanced by the variety.