The Eco-Friendly Sweetheart Table

Green Bride Guide talks about the sweetheart table

The sweetheart table is your private place. Nestled among guests and the hustle and bustle of waiters, it’s a special little spot just for you and your groom. Just like in a romantic comedy from the 1980s, you look at each other across the pretty decorations of your private table and the room disappears. The guests freeze in place like statues. The lights dim. There is nobody else in the entire world but the two of you. A wedding is such a complicated affair. You make so many decisions for your guests—from the food to the place settings to the music—it’s important that you also make a few decisions just for you. The sweetheart table is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and to splurge on some truly spectacular design elements that will make you feel like a princess on your big day.

Dinner Plates that Say "I Love You"

These dinner plates are covered in the language of love. Write a special message to your groom or transcribe your favorite love poem. Every time you look at your plate you’ll be reminded of the depths of your love. After the wedding you can keep the plates as reminders of your first meal as a married couple. It’s so romantic!

Secret Love Notes

Speaking of love poems, consider hiding some love notes tucked inside your partner’s napkin or under his plate. As the night progresses, he’ll discover your secret messages. It’s something that’s just between the two of you and it will add some private intimacy to your celebration. If you’re feeling saucy, you may consider hinting at the latenight wedding celebration he has to look forward to!

Repurposing a Table from Home

In the spirit of eco-friendliness, consider using a table from home for your sweetheart table. If you’re getting married outside, you won’t worry about getting dirt on a well-used table, and if you cover it with a special linen or tablecloth, the table itself won’t be visible. If you want the table to be part of the show, consider using a family heirloom or an antique (though these are best kept indoors).

A "Just Married" Banner

Announce your status to the world with a hand crafted “Just Married” banner made from recycled paper. The banner will set your table apart and it will look just as stunning on the wall at home. Even if you aren’t the DIY type, this may be one item you’ll want to create yourself. Use doilies, cloth, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Have fun with it!