Eating Our Way Through New Orleans' Buku Festival

Check out our photos of the music festival's food offerings
Jane Bruce

The lamb gyro from Efe's Greek Food.

Over the weekend at New Orleans’ Buku Music and Art Project, attendees enjoyed a variety of music, art, and food. In between bands, DJ sets, and hip-hop acts, festival-goers could snack on healthy food or the more typically indulgent festival foods. The festival used local and non-local purveyors to feed the young and hungry crowd.

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Piles of meat were on display in front of Efe's Greek Food stand where gyros were being prepared with either lamb, chicken, or falafel, a heartier option for the post-dance fuel up. In typical New Orleans fashion, Chopped champion Fireman Mike's Kitchen offered jambalaya that was, of course, served with fried chicken. The vegetarian red beans and rice were also a delicious option for the non-meat eaters. And for dessert, fried Oreos. 

For those looking for a healthier option, City Greens was serving salads and wraps, all made from ingredients grown on their Florida farm. California street food vendors White Guy Pad Thai were making their chicken or tofu pad Thai to order. Another dessert option at the festival was beignets from Beaucoup Beignets, because it's not New Orleans without a beignet.

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