Eataly, Alitalia Design High-End Airplane Food

Economy-class passengers get food from Eataly

As if we didn’t wish we were on a flight to Italy enough already, Alitalia and Eataly have partnered to create a limited-time “Eataly Menu” for the airline’s flights from Rome to New York.

The menu includes baked penne rigate from the Afeltra Gragano pasta factory; meatballs from Piemontese beef served with saffron rice and peas; carrot roulade and zucchini; breadsticks from Piemonte; Grana Padano DOP cheese; and peaches with Amaretto.

Gourmet airplane food and Champagne are sort of hallmarks of international travel for the lucky people up in first class, but this Eataly menu is actually happening back in the economy and premium economy sections, so it’s not just for the fancy people.

Other Eataly-sourced snacks will be served during the flight, including focaccia Genovese, strolghino, a special kind of salami di Zibello DOP made by l’Antica Ardegna Massimo Pezzani; and a selection of pastries signed by nationally acclaimed pastry chef Luca Montersino, according to Alitalia.


The first installment of the Eataly/Alitalia partnership is running until Oct. 8, but Eataly’s Facebook page teases that there might be more in the wings: “For now it’s just a test, but … then … maybe … who knows!”