The World’s 17 Craziest Soft Drinks

These will leave you dying for some plain old Sprite
Yeo's Grass Jelly Soda

Flickr/Sodaine Chea/CC BY 4.0

Mmm, grass jelly. 

Whether you call it soda, pop, coke, simply a soft drink, or something else altogether, your mental encyclopedia of carbonated beverages most likely isn’t too diverse. You’ve got your Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Fanta, root beer, orange and grape sodas, and sparkling water, and unless you’re a real soft drink aficionado, you probably don’t stray too far from this mass-market box. But there are dozens of crazy soft drinks and soda companies out there, and we’ve got the top 17.

The World’s 17 Craziest Soft Drinks (Slideshow)

Crazy soft drinks can be divided into two categories: American and international. The vast majority of the craziest American sodas are novelty items, more gags than anything else. Some will have crazy names like Bug Barf but will have an otherwise fruity, benign flavor; others will be named something absurd like turkey and gravy, and will actually go so far as to taste like a reasonable facsimile of it. As for international soft drinks, well, let’s just say as politely as possible that culinary preferences vary greatly across the globe.


There have been plenty of outrageous limited-edition sodas out there, like Pepsi Japan’s brief dalliances with salty watermelon, cucumber, and strawberry milk flavors, but for the most part these sodas actually still exist, and can be purchased through sites like RocketFizz and Soda Pop Shop. You can also track them down in person if you search hard enough (and feel like going on a road trip); Pop’s Soda Ranch, for example, has two Oklahoma locations and sells more than 700 different soda varieties; and RocketFizz has dozens of locations across the country. But in all honesty, none of these sound too appetizing.